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News Feature: Heart for Lebanon

09.24.20 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Tom Atema, co-founder of Heart for Lebanon, talks about the Muslim culture and conditions for Christianity in Lebanon. He unpacks why so many Syrian refugees are in Lebanon and the risky mission to train some to go back to share the love of Christ in Syria.

News Feature: Update on Beirut

09.17.20 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

In early August, the people of Beirut, Lebanon were devastated by a chemical explosion. Tom Atema, co-founder of Heart for Lebanon, updates us on conditions for the Lebanese people and for the millions of individuals displaced from Syria.

News Feature: Church in the COVID Era

09.15.20 | Bob Price

It's been six months since the pandemic struck, so how are things going at church? We ask the pastor of one of the largest churches in the Twin Tiers to weigh in.

Homeschool Roundtable: Feeling Unqualified - Part 2

09.14.20 | Sarah Harnisch

With families flung into homeschooling in New York and Pennsylvania this fall during the COVID pandemic, there are many questions on how to start. Jen Snyder with homeschool support group NYS LEAH (Loving Education at Home) addresses several common concerns.

News Feature: Volunteers of America

09.10.20 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Filling the gaps for people facing poverty. That’s the aim of Volunteers of America. Lynn Sullivan says the Upstate New York affiliate operates homeless shelters and supportive housing. A children’s pre-K Head Start program and residential re-entry center are also a part of the group’s mission...

News Feature: The Countdown to Election Day

09.08.20 | Bob Price

The day after Labor Day is traditionally the jump start to the fall election season. We're talking to Pennsylvania Congressman Glenn Thompson about the state of the race in the Keystone State.

News Feature: What's Wrong with the 1619 Project? 

09.03.20 | Bob Price

Historian David Barton of "WallBuilders" talks to Family Life News about the controversial curriculum that's making the rounds in schools today.

News Feature: How Christians React to Scandal - Part 2

09.02.20 | Brandon Dickson

How can we be proactive to keep leaders, like Jerry Falwell, from succumbing to sin? Dave Nelson, a former pastor from Perry, NY discusses.

News Feature: How Christians React to Scandal - Part 1

09.01.20 | Brandon Dickson

How should Christians react to the Jerry Falwell controversy? Dave Nelson, a former pastor from Perry, NY talks about the scandal, forgiveness and reconciliation.

News Feature: Welcoming Back Workouts

08.28.20 | Brandon Dickson

Gyms are now allowed to reopen in New York. What do you need to know before you go? And, what measures are in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19? We speak with Elizabeth Nadjadi with Project Iron Gym in Bath, NY to find out.

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