Feature Reports

News Feature: The Trump Legacy and Joe Biden Inauguration

01.19.21 | Bob Price

Pennsylvania Congressman Glenn Thompson talks about the legacy of soon-to-be “former” President Donald Trump and the “agenda” going forward for soon-to-be President Joe Biden.

News Feature: Alveda King on MLK

01.18.21 | Brandon Dickson

On this Martin Luther King Junior Day, we speak with the civil rights icon's niece, Alveda King, about how her uncle might view and react to today's world.

News Feature: The Impeachment of a President - Take 2

01.14.21 | Bill Price

The impeachment of a president --again! Family Life News goes “one-on-one” with Canisius College Political Science Professor Dr. Kevin Hardwick to get his take on the historic vote and the cost to the country.

News Feature: Humility, Fruit & Good Losers?

01.13.21 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

As followers of Christ, we are called to stand for truth. We are also image bearers. Darrell Bock with Dallas Theological Seminary unpacks what’s behind “self-control,” the real battle at play, and how to connect with other people.

News Feature: Making Sense of America

01.07.21 | Bill Price

Making sense of America. Family Life News recently spoke to Doug Kibbe, senior pastor at Church on the Rock in Jamestown, New York, about what the world witnessed this week in our nation’s capital.

News Feature: Politics to Start 2021

01.05.21 | Bob Price

There's a lot going on in the political world these days with today's run-off election in Georgia, tomorrow's get-together in congress, and the undecided 22nd Congressional race in central New York. Cornell University Political Science Professor Dan Lamb speaks with Family Life's Bob Price.

News Feature: Putting the Period on 2020

12.21.20 | Bill Price

Putting the period on 2020. Family Life News recently sat down with Doug Kibbe, senior pastor at “The Rock” in Jamestown, NY to talk about a Christian’s response to one of the most challenging years in human history.

Homeschool Roundtable: Homeschooling through COVID Isolation

12.21.20 | Sarah Harnisch

As COVID cases spike, more and more homeschoolers are finding their activities, field trips and sports on lock down. How can parents handle the isolation aspect, and keep their child's mental health safe? Family Life's Sarah Harnisch breaks it down with Pastoral Counselor Jay LaScolea.

News Feature: Living Without Fear 2020

12.07.20 | Bill Price

Staying healthy over the holidays, and through a pandemic. Family Life’s Bill Price speaks to Shawna Kohlbacher at the Fitness Factory in Jamestown, New York about how Christians can live, without living in fear.

News Feature: COVID's Impact on Kids

12.04.20 | Bill Price

So how are the kids coping with COVID? Family Life’s Bill Price “sits-down” with Greyson Maloney, a three-sport athlete at Maple Grove High School in Bemus Point, New York.

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