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Hometown Heroes: Susan Colwell 2

09.17.19 | Bill Price

Today’s “Hometown Hero” is Ashville, New York’s Susan Colwell. For four years now, she’s led a ministry that connects prayers across the country, around the issue of drug addiction.

Hometown Heroes: John Erickson & Diane Start

09.10.19 | Bill Price

Today’s “Hometown Heroes” are John Erickson & Diane Start from Jamestown, New York. Together, they’re helping addicts and their families find a new start, in the “Pearl City.”

Hometown Heroes: William Gallerani

09.03.19 | Bill Price

Today’s “Hometown Hero” is Deruyter, New York’s William Gallerani. This Field Director with “Prison Fellowship” is all about changing lives, behind bars.

Hometown Heroes: Tesha Parker

08.27.19 | Bill Price

Today’s “Hometown Hero” is Buffalo, New York’s Tesha Parker. She’s giving away free food, clothes, and hygiene items to those in need, to honor her grandmother’s legacy.

Hometown Heroes: Scott Reynolds

07.30.19 | Bill Price

Today’s “Hometown Hero” is Scott Reynolds from Sherman, New York. This youth pastor doesn’t collect a paycheck, so he can meet a need at his local church.

Hometown Heroes: Hannah Lamarco

07.16.19 | Bill Price

Today's "Hometown Hero" is Hannah Lamarco from Victor, New York. She's making bracelets to raise money for a children's hospital in one of the poorest places on earth.

Hometown Heroes: Katie Castro 2

07.02.19 | Bill Price

Today's "Hometown Hero" is Bemus Point, New York's Katie Castro. She's using a "food truck" to help feed the hungry in her community this summer.

Hometown Heroes: Margie DeFranco

06.18.19 | Bill Price

Today’s “Hometown Hero” is Sweet Valley, Pennsylvania’s Margie DeFranco. She’s giving free haircuts to homeless women living in Luzerne County.

Hometown Heroes: Kyle Sanders

05.28.19 | Bill Price

Today’s “Hometown Hero” is Binghamton, New York’s Kyle Sanders. He’s using soccer to reach kids for Christ, halfway around the world.

Hometown Heroes: Jeremy Gorham

05.21.19 | Bill Price

Today’s “Hometown Hero” is Wellsville, New York’s Jeremy Gorham. He’s a pastor with a passion for people.

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