Feature Reports

Inside Out 111: Small Is Big

06.28.11 | Kurt Goff

How might we change the world if our Christian faith began multiplying at a rapid pace, through a way of life that is explosive and transformational? It happened once before, in the early days of the church; what will it take to bring us to that point of urgency and determination again? Kurt...

Inside Out 110: Cult Rescues-David Clark

06.27.11 | Kurt Goff

It's a ministry many people aren't even aware of, and yet God is using folks like Dave Clark in amazing ways. He works to rescue people from the clutches of various cults. Listen as he tells Kurt Goff, this kind of ministry has to be a calling!

Inside Out 109: Praying For Your Child

06.24.11 | Kurt Goff

Most Christian parents pray for their children, but many don’t know how to pray effectively and powerfully. Quin Sherrer shares some helpful and practical ideas with Kurt Goff.

Inside Out 108: The Greener Grass Conspiracy

06.23.11 | Kurt Goff

A cosmic conspiracy is robbing us of our joy as Christians! Pastor Stephen Altrogge joins Kurt Goff to unpack the danger of discontent.

Inside Out 107: Media and Our Children

06.22.11 | Martha Manikas-Foster

How can we prepare our children for the growing influence of electronic media in their lives? Join Martha as she talks with blogger and author Ellen Painter Dollar about family strategies for developing responsible media use.

Inside Out 106: Already Compromised

06.20.11 | Kurt Goff

A stunning revelation about the nation's Christian colleges! Apologetic powerhouse Ken Ham from Answers In Genesis joins Kurt Goff for an eye-opening assessment of the status of Christian colleges and universities across America.

Inside Out 105: 52 Things Kids Need in a Dad

06.17.11 | Kurt Goff

Quite a few dads spend time with their kids, however many have no clue what their kids really need. Author Jay Payleitner, veteran dad of five and a follower of Jesus Christ, shares some practical ideas with Kurt Goff.

Inside Out 104: Who is My Neighbor?

06.16.11 | Kurt Goff

An “expert in the law” once asked Jesus what he must do to inherit eternal life—and his question initiated a very interesting conversation. The Law says to “love your neighbor as yourself,” Jesus pointed out, so the next logical question is, “Who is my neighbor?” Pastor Wayne Gordon joins Kurt...

Inside Out 103: International Adoption

06.15.11 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Entering into an international adoption can rescue an orphan, expand a family . . . and draw us closer to God. Join Martha Manikas-Foster for this conversation with adoptive mother and author Kristin Swick Wong as she talks about God, who loves adoption.

Inside Out 102: Hope 4 You

06.14.11 | Kurt Goff

What is hope? Where does it come from? How can believers face the future with confidence—not with blind optimism, but deep trust in God’s plans? First Place 4 Health National Director Carole Lewis joins Kurt Goff to the theme of hope as it is presented in God’s Word, and she shares some powerful...

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