Feature Reports

Inside Out 100: Winning Him Without Words

06.09.11 | Kurt Goff

"I'm a believer but my spouse isn't." For those in a spiritually mismatched marriage there is great hope not just to survive but to thrive! Dineen Miller is in that challenging place right now and shares from the heart with Kurt Goff on this edition of Inside Out.

Inside Out 99: Disordered Eating

06.08.11 | Martha Manikas-Foster

If we use food to medicate anxiety, find companionship or punish ourselves, our eating is disordered. Registered dietitian, author, and nutrition editor Ann Capper joins Martha Manikas-Foster to talk about food, life and finding our identity in God.

Inside Out 98: When The Word Leads Your Pastoral Search

06.07.11 | Kurt Goff

At any given time there are thousands of churches seeking a lead pastor. While a great resume, a friendly smile and a memorable sermon will convince many, what should local congregations focus on to find a new shepherd? Pastor Chris Brauns joins Kurt Goff.

Inside Out 97: Experience God As Your Provider

06.06.11 | Kurt Goff

Do you believe God is your source; your provider? You may say "yes" but truly knowing means experiencing the reality for yourself. Brian Kluth joins Kurt Goff to share some real-life stories and timeless Biblical principles.

Inside Out 96: God Laughs

06.03.11 | Kurt Goff

Did you know that God laughs? There are many things God does that you may not have thought about ever before, and the more we know, the better we can respond to Him. God sees. God winks. God hears. He cries, He waits and He runs. He is jealous and gets angry. He smiles, frowns and sings!...

Inside Out 95: Parenting Your Adult Child

06.02.11 | Kurt Goff

Parenting doesn't stop when the children grow up, and the nest doesn't always empty when, or how, parents thought it would. The role changes, but the sense of responsibility continues. Kurt Goff talks with licensed counselor and Christ follower, Nancy Williams, about how to handle this stage...

Inside Out 94: Informed Imagination

06.01.11 | Martha Manikas-Foster

What if we, when we read the Bible, our eyes were opened to the radical way Jesus changed everything? Join us for a discussion with seminary trained recording artist, musician and author Michael Card on the topic of developing an informed biblical imagination.

Inside Out 93: Unbroken

05.30.11 | Kurt Goff

Kurt Goff invites Christian Louie Zamperini to share his amazing story--a juvenile delinquent-turned-Olympic runner-turned-Army hero. During a routine search mission over the Pacific, Louieā€™s plane crashed into the ocean, and what happened to him over the next three years of his life is...

Inside Out 92: Before We Kill And Eat You

05.27.11 | Kurt Goff

In a land called "the white man's grave," the only insurance against malaria, cannibals and death was faith in God. This is the story of Henry Garlock as told to Kurt Goff by his daughter-in-law Ruthanne Garlock.

Inside Out 91: If God, Why Evil?

05.26.11 | Kurt Goff

Bestselling author and apologist Dr. Norman Geisler joins Kurt Goff to take on one of the most difficult questions Christians face: How can an omnipotent, loving God preside over a world filled with evil and suffering?

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