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Capital Connection: Cuomo's Apology & Pa. Opens Up

03.05.21 | Bob Price

Christian watchdogs Jason McGuire and Dan Bartkowiak are fighting for faith and family values in the state capitals of Albany and Harrisburg.

Faith Under Fire: Suicide & the Family Unit

03.04.21 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Pandemic isolation has been a challenge for individuals and families alike. Focus on the Family’s Glenn Stanton unpacks research about coping. He shares the importance of the Biblical family unit and ways to build a legacy of faith for your kids.

Real Answers: When Division Hits the Church

03.03.21 | Brandon Dickson

Division in the country has now infiltrated the "church." Christian counselor, Christopher Anderson, explores what churches and their congregants can do to address tough topics that are causing conflict.

Hometown Heroes: Kevin Drake

03.02.21 | Bill Price

Today’s “Hometown Hero” is Kevin Drake with “Upward Sports.” He’s using a pandemic to make “in-roads” with high school athletes all across the country.

Issues in Education: Testing Students, Summer School & the Fall

03.01.21 | Bob Price

Dr. Ralph Kerr is founder and CEO of the Teaching & Learning Institute in Houghton, NY. This week on Issues in Education we discuss standardized testing, summer school and whether things will be back to normal "at" school in the fall.

Capital Connection: Cuomo Scandals, Paid Surrogacy & What's Not Fair About the Equality Act

02.26.21 | Bob Price

Christian watchdogs Jason McGuire and Dan Bartkowiak are "defenders of the faith" in the public square. They recap the big news stories from Albany and Harrisburg this week.

Faith Under Fire: Biblical Values vs. the Equality Act 2021

02.25.21 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Biblical values face opposition as the House takes up the Equality Act again. The measure aims to expand current federal Civil Rights law by banning discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity. ADF's Denise Harle says the bill aims to dismantle religious and...

Inside Out: Working Against Alzheimer’s Isolation

02.24.21 | Martha Manikas-Foster

The Alzheimer’s Association’s Dr. Anafidelia R. Tavares suggests ways we can prevent physical distancing from leading to feelings of social isolation for those we love in nursing homes living with dementia.

News Feature: Labels vs. Identity in Christ

02.22.21 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

How do we sift past the labels that others give to uncover our true identity in Christ? Former missionary, avid, hiker, and teacher Lisa Karr highlights our need to be intentional in our thinking. She offers ways to build our trust in God.

Capital Connection: How do Christians Counter the Cancel Culture?

02.19.21 | Bob Price

Christian watchdogs Jason McGuire and Michael Geer discuss the proper response to growing hostility toward free speech in America.

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