The Nittany Lions take the field today at the Rose Bowl in California

01.02.17 | Sarah Harnisch

Before the big game comes the Rose Bowl Parade. There will be flower colored floats, bands, and equestrian units marching along a five-mile parade route. 1,500 officers and barricades are expected at 56 intersections along the parade...

Police were handing out more than tickets to drivers that got pulled over at a DUI checkpoint in Johnson City Sunday

01.02.17 | Sarah Harnisch

For every responsible driver they found that was not intoxicated, police spent the night handing out $25 Olive Garden gift cards as a thank you for protecting the public.

The abortion rate in Pennsylvania is at an all-time low

01.02.17 | Bob Price

New statistics from the state health department show there were 300 fewer abortions in 2015 than 2014. In all, just under 32,000 abortions were performed in Pennsylvania last year.  That's the lowest number ever recorded in the commonwealth.

NY's govenor has advised minimum wage workers to call a new hotline if employers don't comply with the new law

01.02.17 | Bob Price

Minimum wage workers can now call the New York Labor Department at "1-888-4-NYSDOLl" to report any problems. The wage hike went into effect over the weekend. Upstate workers must now be paid $9.70 an hour, up from $9 an hour last year.