Demographers in PA have noticed a troubling trend that could create future fiscal challenges

05.08.17 | Terry Diener

Already one of the nation's oldest states, the growth of Pennsylvania's retirement age population is projected to balloon in the coming decade, while its working-age population shrinks. The projections, by the Pennsylvania State Data Center, were...

NY is accepting public comments on new learning standards to replace the Common Core

05.08.17 | Jeremy Miller

The revised standards will be presented to the policy making Board of Regents tomorrow and public comments are being accepted until June 2nd.State education officials released the standards last week, following a two-year process that included...

A major highway construction project is coming to Corning's historic Market Street

05.05.17 | Sarah Harnisch

The major renovation project comes with a price.It's estimated vehicles will be prohibited from traveling or parking on market street in downtown Corning for two weeks. Store owner Tom Freeland says he's not worried about the inconvenience.The...

PA state police say a skimming device installed on a gas pump in union county has been used to make purchases at 33 Wal-marts

05.05.17 | Bob Price

The device was discovered last month on a pump at Sunoco convenience store in New Columbia.  It was used to steal credit and debit card numbers from unsuspected motorists. Police say the illegal installation of skimming devices on credit...

20 House Republicans voted against the American Healthcare Act yesterday including four from PA

05.05.17 | Bob Price

The Keystone State representatives who said "no" to the Obamacare repeal and replace effort are Ryan Costello, Patrick Meehan, Brian Fitzpatrick, and Charlie Dent.

Lake Ontaro shoreline flooding is expected to worsen today as the winds kick up and the rain comes down

05.05.17 | Sarah Harnisch

Several  area homeowners have sandbags surrounding their homes.Following three days of relentless rain, there's a chance for some snow late Sunday. The entire Lake Ontario shoreline is under a state of emergency today.

The city of Pittsburgh is getting 'smart' garbage cans

05.04.17 | Terry Diener

Pittsburgh City Council has approved the purchase of software necessary for garbage cans that have sensors to gauge garbage volume and send a wireless signal when they're full.  The Department of Public Works proposed the $580,000 purchase...

The heroin epidemic in NY has officials proposing safe-zones where heroin addicts can shoot-up

05.04.17 | Bob Price

The locations are designed to allow heroin addicts to be able to shoot-up without fear of prosecution.But Erie County Health Commissioner Gayle Bernstein says the injection sites would only make it harder for people to quit injecting.  The...

Gov. Cuomo has signed legislation that invests $26 billion into public schools across the Empire State

05.04.17 | Bob Price

The governor says the $26 billion investment will help develop the workforce of tomorrow.New York spends roughly $20,000 per pupil on public education, more than any other state in America.

Public prayer is under attack in Pennsylvania

05.04.17 | Bob Price

Atheists have filed suit over a 300-year-old prayer tradition in the Pennsylvania State House.Michael Geer with the Pennsylvania Family Institute is fighting against that lawsuit which seeks to ban invocations in the Pennsylvania House of...