The Woodstock 50 Festival is back on

05.16.19 | Brandon Dickson

This comes after a court rebuffed a former investor's efforts to cancel the concert. The judge ruled Wednesday that Amplifi Live could not single-handedly call off the August show, but also doesn't have to put the $18 million back into it. The...

PA House passes bill banning abortions based on Down diagnosis

05.15.19 | Brandon Dickson

Currently, the majority of those diagnosed in the womb with the disorder are aborted. The Pennsylvania Family Institute is applauding the measure, saying no human being should be targeted for death by abortion because of a disability.  

The best-known Buffalo Bills fan has died

05.15.19 | Brandon Dickson

Ezra Castro, better known as "Pancho Billa," lost his courageous battle with cancer. Castro was adopted into the Bills "family" after being diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer two years ago. The team is planning to honor Pancho Billa at...

Pennsylvania is suing a powerful player in the pharma industry

05.15.19 | Brandon Dickson

State Attorney General Josh Shapiro has filed a lawsuit against Purdue Pharma over the states' opioid epidemic. Shapiro says the company "doctor-shopped" to sell lots of Oxycontin. Pennsylvania is the 40th state to sue the pharmaceutical...

Now on delay: a privacy policy in PA

05.14.19 | Brandon Dickson

Eastern Lancaster County School board members voted last night to hold off on implementing the policy until next school year. The measure, which was set to take effect today, calls for students to use restrooms and locker rooms based on their...

No resolution yet in the fight for the future of the Woodstock 50 Festival

05.14.19 | Brandon Dickson

A hearing is set to continue today in the clash between organizers and a former financial partner. Investors say the August event is canceled amid health and safety concerns, while organizers say the concert series in Watkins Glen, New York is...

The largest employer in Snyder County, PA shuts its doors

05.14.19 | Brandon Dickson

Wood-Mode abruptly closed Monday costing 900 people their jobs. The cabinetry plant in Kreamer had been around for nearly 80 years--catching many completely by surprise. Employee Keith Lauver he's concerned for his younger friends and their...

A series of planned improvements for bicyclists is coming to PA

05.14.19 | Brandon Dickson

PennDot has announced plans to unveil a draft of the department’s bicycle and pedestrian master plan on May 30th via webcast. The plan will prioritize strategies that increase the number of people walking and bicycling while supporting...

The count of measles cases continues to rise across the country

05.14.19 | Brandon Dickson

As of the latest tally, the number of cases has reached 839.  That's the most since 963 cases were reported for all of 1994. 23 States have reported cases this year with the vast majority of illnesses in New York. Measles was once common...

Pennsylvania's primary election is rapidly approaching

05.13.19 | Brandon Dickson

The May 21st election will decide Philadelphia's mayor, one of the Pennsylvania's 18 members of the U.S. House, and two statewide appellate court seats. It also features special elections to fill three open seats in the legislature and one in...

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