26 new flu deaths have been reported in PA

02.07.18 | Brandon Dickson

The total this season in Pennsylvania is now 91. The state health department says total flu cases have climbed to more than 47,000 since October, up from about 35,000 a week ago. The highest activity has been in the southeast region, and...

Gov. Wolf rolls out his fourth and final first-term budget proposal today

02.06.18 | Brandon Dickson

The election-year plan is expected to carry no major new policy initiatives, and instead will look to highlight and cement his accomplishments as he campaigns for a second term. Wolf will seek a nearly 3% increase in spending, driven primarily...

Gov. Cuomo says special election in April is to fill 11 vacant state seats

02.06.18 | Brandon Dickson

Nine of the "open seats" are in the state Assembly. The other two are in the Senate. The special election will happen Tuesday, April 24th.  

PA lawmaker looks to fill firefighter void with ex-convicts

02.06.18 | Terry Diener

State Senator Dan Laughlin’s proposal would train non-violent criminals to become volunteer firefighters after they’re released from prison, something California is already doing. The senator wants inmates trained in prison so...

Eagles win their first Super Bowl trophy in franchise history

02.05.18 | Sarah Harnisch

Even in the locker room they gave God the glory for their 41 to 33 win over the Patriots last night in Minneapolis. People who were never Eagles fans before in Pennsylvania and New York are Eagles fans today.  

New study aims to shed light on marvel behind big snowfalls of WNY

02.05.18 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

In an effort to predict future snow fall University at Buffalo researchers will focus on lake-effect snow from the past. Lake effect happens when cold wind flows over warmer water to create bands, dumping up to a foot of snow. UB researchers...

The Salamanca City Central School District is closed today

02.05.18 | Sarah Harnisch

The teachers are too sick to teach, and the kids too sick to attend class. So many kids and teachers are down with the flu-- the whole district shut down. Salamanca schools, started feeling the effects of the flu season after Christmas break...

Pro-family companies could face new discrimination from NY state

02.05.18 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Governor Cuomo has signed an executive order banning state agencies from doing business with companies that discriminate against gays and the transgendered. According to the Democratic governor, that means discrimination of any kind, including a...

VP Pence is set to visit Pittsburgh today

02.02.18 | Brandon Dickson

Mike Pence is headed to the Steel City to help raise money in a congressional election widely viewed as a test of whether Republicans can stave off Democratic gains this year. Pence is scheduled to appear at a rally and fundraiser for Rick...

BU is celebrating a mix of past and present black culture

02.02.18 | Brandon Dickson

The events at Binghamton University include how black culture has impacted American food; a free advance showing of Marvel's first black superhero film, Black Panther; and later this month Hollywood actress Regina Hall will be a keynote speaker.