The warm up spikes concern for ice jams

01.11.18 | Brandon Dickson

While most of us will be enjoying the warmer temperatures today, they don't come without some concerns across our listening area. Mike Ponticello, Broome County emergency services director says the sharp increase in temps, instead of a steady...

Time is ticking for pistol permit owners in NY to re-up certifications

01.11.18 | Bob Price

They have until the end of the month to do so. There are tens of thousands of gun owners in New York who've yet to fill out the new pistol permit form. It's for anyone in New York who purchased a pistol before 2013.

One group aims to stop a push to legalize physician-assisted suicide

01.10.18 | Bob Price

The website for The New York Alliance Against Assisted Suicide allows New Yorkers to e-mail their legislators. A coalition of advocates for the disabled, patients' rights groups, and religious organizations are banding together to keep...

PA's DOC has reduced medical costs for inmates by $14.5 million

01.10.18 | Brandon Dickson

State Department of Corrections officials say the spending drop has occurred over the past two years - while maintaining or improving care. The DOC estimates an additional $20.5 million in savings over the next two years. Inmate health care...

A Christian college in Binghamton, NY will soon have a new leader

01.10.18 | Bob Price

Davis College says its current president, Dr. Dino Pedrone, will step down and take on a new role next week. Effective January 15th, Pedrone will become the school's first-ever chancellor. He's been president for a decade. Pedrone's role as...

Pennsylvania reports 12 new flu deaths

01.10.18 | Terry Diener

The overall number of influenza cases continued a surge that began in late December.  During the week ending January 6th, the number of flu cases rose by about 1,500, bringing the total to about 4,500. Those cases represent lab-confirmed...

NY lawmakers are looking to do away with taxes for seniors

01.10.18 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

State Senate Republicans have unveiled a plan this week that would allow seniors 70 and older and eligible for the enhanced STAR program to have their school property taxes eliminated. Senate majority spokesman Scott Reif says the plan would...

NY has spent more than $350 million promoting tourism

01.09.18 | Bob Price

Those ads have been omnipresent ever since Governor Cuomo took office.  They tout New York's Open for Business campaign and the under performing Start up New York program. Good government groups question whether the $354 million price tag...

Prosecutors will not seek death penalty for man charged in a PA house fire that killed 3 children

01.09.18 | Bill Price

27-year-old Preston Bonnett of Wilkes-Barre is accused of setting the fire at the home in Laflin in October. Killed in the blaze were 7-year-old Ezekiel Major, his 12-year-old brother Devon, and 16-year-old Erik Dupree. Prosecutors in Luzerne...

Judge overturns some convictions for one judge in PA's 'kids for cash' scandal

01.09.18 | Bob Price

Three of the convictions against 67-year old Mark Ciavarella have been tossed out. This means the corrupt judge could get a new trial for wrongfully sending hundreds of juveniles to prison for personal gain. Ciavarella is serving his sentence...