Police in Broome County, NY warn of scam aimed at grandparents

09.27.18 | Brandon Dickson

Cops say some residents have recently reported being targeted by the grandchild in distress scam. Detectives say crooks call a grandparent pretending to be a grandchild in trouble, and ask that money be wired to a specified...

Sunbury, PA is trying to keep the city open for business

09.27.18 | Brandon Dickson

The Northumberland County town has voted to borrow a $500,000 line of credit. The money will make sure that Sunbury will be able to continue operating for the rest of the year.

NY makes it illegal to bail on your bill at the barbershop

09.27.18 | Brandon Dickson

Governor Cuomo has signed the new bill. Previously, it was legal to get your hair done but then leave without covering the bill.  If that happened, the only way a business owner was likely to get their money was by going to court. Now...

TV star Bill Cosby waking up behind bars today

09.26.18 | Brandon Dickson

Yesterday, a judge sentenced Cosby to 3 to 10 years in prison for sexual misconduct. Many that grew up watching "The Cosby Show" are disappointed in Cosby's actions.   A publicist for the actor has complained that his conviction and...

Chris Collins being criticized by a fellow member of Congress

09.26.18 | Famiy Life News Team

Democrat Ted Lieu of California says he believes a new campaign ad put out by the 27th District representative is racist.  In it, video clips are played showing Collins' challenger, Democrat Nate McMurray, speaking Korean and claiming he...

Meningitis health scare at Penn State

09.26.18 | Brandon Dickson

A case of bacterial meningitis has been confirmed at the university's main campus. A student has been treated for the deadly infection and is recovering at the hospital. Close contacts of the student have been notified and given...

NY basketball recruiting business is being sued

09.26.18 | Brandon Dickson

The business has been accused of luring players with college and professional aspirations through false claims of providing "the very best" coaching and training facilities. Attorney General Barbara Underwood says the suit seeks to stop AAU...

Group in PA urges state lawmakers to speed up funding to replace voting machines

09.26.18 | Terry Diener

The Blue Ribbon Commission on Pennsylvania’s Election Security released interim recommendations and said the estimated $125 million to replace all machines statewide was “a relative bargain.” The administration of Governor Tom...

Gov. Cuomo signs bill to allow medical pot for chronic pain

09.25.18 | Traci Lynn Woolsey, Brandon Dickson

Andrew Cuomo says he hopes that pain sufferers will choose pot over more addictive opioids. The governor also says his staff is working on legislation that would make recreational marijuana available to New Yorkers over 21. Pro-family groups...

PA lawmakers are close to allowing cameras in highway work zones

09.25.18 | Terry Diener

Supporters say the system is needed in response to a steady rise in construction zone accidents, with the uptick in injuries involving both construction workers and motorists. The aim is to record license plates of speeding vehicles and generate...

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