Watch your speed this week in NY

07.01.19 | Brandon Dickson

Police in New York state are increasing patrols to target and ticket reckless, aggressive, and impaired drivers during the Fourth of July holiday. Cops will set up sobriety checkpoints through Friday, and will be on the lookout for drivers...

Gov. Tom Wolf will sign the dairy investment bill today

07.01.19 | Bob Price

Republican Rep. Clint Owlet, the main sponsor of House Bill 1590, says funds are put into a grant program for dairy farmers. Owlett says he'll continue to raise awareness about the plight of dairy farmers in the commonwealth.  

Gov. Cuomo has signed the law banning "gay or trans alarm" as legal defense

07.01.19 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Now in New York, any person charge for 2nd degree murder will not be able to use the “panic” legal defense following an inappropriate advance or the discovery of a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. New York...

A NY co. clerk asks feds if illegal immigrant license law violates Constit.

06.28.19 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Saratogo County Clerk Craig Hayner is spearheading an effort seeking clarification from the DOJ on whether on not the New York law is constitutional. He has written to President Trump on behalf of dozens of other county clerks near...

Millions of criminal charges sealed today with start of PA's Clean Slate Law

06.28.19 | Terry Diener

The second phase of Pennsylvania's Clean Slate Law kicks in today. While law enforcement will still be able to pull up arrests and convictions, the public — including landlords and most employers — will not. Forty million charges...

Get ready to pay more to heat your home and drive your car in NY

06.28.19 | Bob Price

It's thanks to the landmark climate change law signed by Governor Cuomo. Energy experts say the cost of weaning the Empire State off of fossil fuels will hit consumers where it hurts--in their wallet. The soon-to-be-law sets aggressive, legally...

Supreme Court's gerrymandering ruling should have no immediate impact on PA

06.28.19 | Brandon Dickson

That's because the series of legal disputes that played out in the Keystone State took place largely within the state court system with Pennsylvania's Supreme Court having thrown out the former congressional maps to impose its own for the 2018...

PA counties continue to assist ICE to deport illegal immigrants in local custody

06.27.19 | Terry Diener

Released this week, the new Temple University study highlighted 19 counties in Pennsylvania with relatively large immigrant populations, finding they are routinely cooperating with immigration enforcement at a time when many so-called sanctuary...

Toll hike means you'll pay more for infrastructure and access to NYC airports

06.27.19 | Brandon Dickson

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has proposed raising tolls at its bridges and tunnels and hiking fares on its PATH rail service and on trains to JFK and Newark airports. It’s also seeking a $4 surcharge on taxis and...

Chaos as PA Senate hearing turned into a shouting match over a welfare program

06.27.19 | Brandon Dickson

It began when Republicans attempted to block Democrats from offering amendments to keep the benefits;  and Lt. Governor John Fetterman, who was presiding over the meeting, didn't allow Majority Leader Jake Corman to speak. Democrats say the...

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