Senator Chuck Schumer is calling for federal help to fight the flu

01.29.18 | Brandon Dickson

The Senate minority leader says a special CDC flu-surveillance team would help track virus strains, Identify the most effective treatments, and map out a plan of attack. This past week, flu cases in New York increased by a reported 54%.

Binghamton Mayor Rich David meets with President Trump at the White House

01.26.18 | Brandon Dickson

David helping put Binghamton on the government's radar by asking about flood walls in the Southern Tier.   New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was the only New York mayor invited to meet with the president, but de Blasio canceled after...

5 Death row inmates sue PA prison officials over isolation

01.26.18 | Terry Diener

The federal lawsuit asks the court to end mandatory, indefinite solitary confinement for the 156 men on death row at Graterford and Greene state prisons. The lawsuit seeks class-action status as well as a declaration that the solitary policy...

Top PA Republcans petition the Supreme Court to intervene following a gerrymandering ruling

01.26.18 | Bob Price

The recent ruling by Pennsylvania's Supreme Court forces the state to redraw all of the state's 19 congressional districts. The GOP says the Pennsylvania Supreme Court unconstitutionally usurped the authority of lawmakers to create congressional...

NY is pulling 'X-Lite' guardrails from state roadways

01.26.18 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Former Fredonia, NY resident Stephen Eimers lost his 17-year-old daughter, Hannah, in a Tennessee accident in 2016 after her car hit an x-lite guardrail. Since then, Eimers has fought to get the type of guardrail that can split car apart...

PA officials caution residents along the Susquehanna

01.25.18 | Terry Diener

The Luzerne County emergency management agency says no flooding is expected in municipalities protected by the levee system, including Wilkes-Barre, Kingston and Forty Fort, but low-lying areas further downstream remain under a flood warning due...

PA House approves legislation to ban cough and cold meds to minors

01.25.18 | Brandon Dickson

House Bill 1951 would require stores to check the age of someone who appears to be under the age of 25 when they attempt to purchase a medicine containing DXM to ensure the buyer is over 18. The bill is awaiting a vote in the state Senate.

Rochester churches offer free opioid support Saturday

01.25.18 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Health recovery and and law enforcement officials will share and present a variety of workshops. Jim Fowlwell with Father's House says conference organizers want to hear concerns and questions from attendees. The conference, to arm church staff...

The NY comptroller's office looks to connect residents with unclaimed funds

01.25.18 | Bob Price

The comptrollers office has a website where you can check to see if you are owed any money. According to the website, New York returns a million dollars every day to those who file claims on the site. Although 65% of the unclaimed funds are...

GOP PA House members are advancing a plan to downsize state government

01.24.18 | Terry Diener

On Tuesday, the House State Government Committee voted 14 to 10 in favor of a proposed constitutional amendment that still needs approval by the full House and Senate before going to voters. A Democratic-sponsored amendment to establish a...

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