'Not guilty' verdict for Schuylkill Co. man in overdose death

06.13.18 | Brandon Dickson

The jury acquitted Kyle Menander last night in the death of a woman two years ago. The victim's father was outraged. Two other people have been charged in the investigation, but their cases have not gone to trial.

PA House passes legislation to ban the sale of e-cigs to minors

06.13.18 | Bill Price

The measure adds nicotine delivery products to the list of tobacco products that are illegal to sell to minors. Penalties would be the same as for selling cigarettes and other traditional tobacco products to minors. The bill now heads to the...

Audit says Philly has worst accounting practices

06.13.18 | Terry Diener

The audit cites $924 million in bookkeeping errors last year alone. The city is also missing $33 million from its main bank account, a discrepancy that came to light earlier this year. One report claims city finance officials plan to have...

Advocates push for citizens to have say in drawing PA's legislative district lines

06.12.18 | Terry Diener

The gathering was held as the state Senate tries to settle lawmakers’ and advocates’ concerns on Senate Bill 22. In its current form, the bill would partially pass the Legislature's map-making powers to an independent commission...

NY senator wants cameras to catch motorists who illegally pass school buses

06.12.18 | Bill Price

Olean Republican Cathy Young's proposal would allow the cameras to be mounted on the stop arm of a bus and record any car that passes when the arm is extended. Young says the evidence from the cameras could be used to issue tickets to motorists...

9 Poor People's Campaign members arrested at the PA state capitol

06.12.18 | Terry Diener

Each was issued a disorderly conduct citation for blocking entrance into the House chamber. The Poor People's Campaign has rallied at the state capitol for five consecutive weeks so far and will do so again next Monday before ending their...

Gov. Cuomo launches campaign to pass the first in the nation 'red flag' gun legislation

06.12.18 | Brandon Dickson

It would ban people, determined by a court likely to engage in conduct that would post a risk of harm to themselves or others, from purchasing, possessing, or attempting to purchase a firearm in New York state.

New York state troopers crack down on aggressive drivers during Speed Week

06.11.18 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Slow down. That's the message state police in the Empire state are sending as they step up patrols during the statewide Speed Week campaign. Authorities say safety is the goal for the push that runs through Wednesday. Speeding is a contributing...

A former alcoholic is now inspiring others as he cycles across the U.S. twice

06.11.18 | Brandon Dickson

Jim Boone and his wife are raising awareness about addiction and spreading the gospel. He talked with Family Life News as he made a stop in Frackville, Pennsylvania over the weekend. Jim hopes to complete the trek by Thanksgiving, while...

PA education officials ask for federal funds as it educates displaced students

06.11.18 | Terry Diener

Pennsylvania education officials have applied for more than $25 million in federal funding through a grant program aimed at assisting school districts that have enrolled more students displaced from Hurricanes Maria, Harvey, Irma, and the 2017...