Sanitorum turns down chief of staff position

12.12.18 | Brandon Dickson

Former commonwealth congressman Rick Santorum has taken himself out of consideration as President Trump's next chief of staff. Santorum, a senior political commentator for CNN, says his family situation doesn't allow him to take the job right...

The largest public educational aquaponics facility in the country has opened in PA

12.12.18 | Brandon Dickson

The Commonwealth Charter Academy in Harrisburg opened the system, which is a cycle of growing fish and plants together. Junior Nathanial Saxe says, "aquaponics allow us to grow food using less water and no soil." C.C.A. students are managing...

Prison pilot program is put to an end at PA state prisons

12.10.18 | Terry Diener

After a year of testing at five Pennsylvania state prisons, Department of Corrections officials are evaluating the program’s effectiveness with the hope of acquiring funding to continue it into the coming year. At each prison 25 inmates...

NY man"s app to help young people who have cancer has taken off nationwide

12.10.18 | Brandon Dickson

"Stupid Cancer" is an app created by Dave Feuhrer of Rochester, who has beaten cancer twice. He says the app allows folks undergoing treatment to share safety with others in a similar situation. The app isn't just for patients and survivors...

PA's Banking and Securities Department warns against shimmers

12.10.18 | Brandon Dickson

Shimmers offer a new way for thieves can get their hands on your money. Becky MacDicken says, like a skimmer, a shimmer captures information on your credit card, but "the data comes from the card's chip." Skimmers are often placed over a keypad...

Legislation to help farmers has been extended in NY state

12.10.18 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Farmers across the Empire State are celebrating a cut to property taxes for new or renovated buildings. The exemption, originally set to expire at the end of this year, has been renewed for another 10 years by Governor Cuomo. Applications can...

PA employees and the N. Guard band together to help brighten the holidays

12.06.18 | Terry Diener

Representatives from the departments of Aging, Human Services, and Labor and Industry and the Pennsylvania National Guard gathered to support the 29th annual Holiday Wish Program gift drive, which provides donated gifts to about 200 families and...

The Buffalo Catholic Diocese has offered $400,000 alleged victim

12.06.18 | Brandon Dickson

Stephanie McIntyre, now of South Carolina, accused Reverend Fabian Maryanski of abusing her in the 1980s. Maryanski was placed on leave by the diocese in May. Meanwhile, the chief financial officer of the diocese is resigning. Steve Timmel...

Anti-semitic symbols founds on Penn State housing in Harrisburg

12.06.18 | Brandon Dickson

A drawing of a swastika was found in a stairwell in Nittany Place over the weekend. The discovery coincides with vandalism of a menorah on Penn State's main campus. Authorities are investigating the incidents.

Attorneys place partial blame on NY state for deadly limo accident in Schoharie

12.06.18 | Brandon Dickson

Nearly two months after the fatal limousine accident in Schoharie that took 20 lives, Lawyer Salvatore Ferlazzo says the state is resposnible for two glaring issues: that the limo, which failed two inspections, was still on the road, and that the...