New voter guides are out in New York and Pennsylvania

10.20.16 | Bob Price

If you live in New York, Christian lobbyist Jason McGuire says the website offers presidential and U.S. Senate voter guides.  That website is Pennsylvania, a comprehensive voter guide is available at...

Faculty and coaches at the 14 state-owned universities in Pennsylvania are officially on strike

10.19.16 | Bob Price

It started at 5 o'clock this morning and it is a major inconvenience for all involved.         The job action affects some 100,000 students and 5,500 professors. Ken Mash represents the union...

Restaurant raids in western New York

10.19.16 | Bob Price

25 illegal immigrants have been taken into custody at four Mexican restaurants throughout the Buffalo area.The U.S. Attorney's office says the workers were being paid under the table and their bosses were not paying taxes.The illegal immigrants...

The Pennsylvania House has approved legislation to punish communities that declare themselves sanctuary cities

10.19.16 | Bob Price

These are communities that provide safe haven to illegal immigrants Republican Daryl Metcalfe said Pennsylvanians want their interests protected over the interests of foreign nationals that are here illegally.

A water main break in Endicott, NY has affected service in much of the village

10.19.16 | Bob Price

The break has forced the cancellation of school today in the Union-Endicott School District. All residents of Endicott are under a boil water advisory until further notice.   A 24-inch water main ruptured last night, which cut water to the...

Just a day to go before a strike deadline in Pennsylvania--the state system of higher education and its faculty members have agreed to a media blackout while they try to negotiate a contract

10.18.16 | Bob Price

Both sides say they're hopeful that minimizing distractions will help them achieve a deal.            5,500 faculty and coaches at Pennsylvania's 14 state-owned universities will strike tomorrow...

New York education officials are looking for feedback on several concepts being discussed as the state prepares to implement new federal education standards

10.18.16 | Bob Price

Commissioner Maryellen Elia says a "think tank" with representatives from school districts, unions and parent groups met over the summer to compile ideas. The concepts laid out include measures to combat chronic absenteeism and new incentives...

Insurance companies say Obamacare policies for individuals are going up.

10.18.16 | Bob Price

On average, there will be a 32.5% increase next year in Pennsylvania.  Small group insurance plans will increase an average of 7%. The health-care increases are due to more insurance companies leaving the federal exchange program. Open...

New York state has the third highest cell phone tax of any state in the nation

10.18.16 | Bob Price

It's due mostly to surcharges and fees. Many people are outraged.According to the Tax Foundation, as much as 25% of your monthly phone bill in New York is made up entirely of taxes and fees.

A school in Scranton is closed after a bad air quality test

10.17.16 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

This time it's George Bancroft Elementary.School officials say the building's first floor tests showed higher levels of  micro-particles.Superintendent Alexis Kirijan says being proactive and catching the problem early helps the district do...