'Antiques Roadshow' is making its first stop in Harrisburg this summer

01.20.17 | Terry Diener

The PBS television show that appraises antiques announced this week Harrisburg is one of five cities on its summer tour. The show will be making a stop there on June 3rd at a yet-to-be disclosed location. If you would like to have an item...

Pennsylvania is getting an extension to fix state law to allow for federal 'Real ID' compliance

01.20.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

The extension from the Department of Homeland Security gives state officials until June 5th, to resolve the state's non-compliance. The governor's office says a further extension could be granted, once the state can commit to meeting all...

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to invest $1 million to rehab or replace aging roads and bridges

01.19.17 |

44% of New York's bridges are deemed structurally deficient.

Pennsylvania has a real problem with it's 'Real ID' law

01.19.17 | Bob Price

The Keystone State is one of just six states that have yet to comply with federal standards to make driver's licenses more secure. State Senator Mike Folmer helped lead the push-back in Pennsylvania against those standards.  He says he's...

Governor Cuomo unveils a $152 million budget for New York state

01.18.17 | Bob Price

The spending blue-print promises tax cuts and free college but only if the rich may more.The governor also wants to extend the ride-hailing services, construct a 750-mile biking & hiking trail, and allow movie theaters to sell alcohol. Gov...

PA's top fiscal watchdog is laying out his agenda for a second-term

01.18.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

At his second swearing in, Auditor General Eugene DePasquale pledged to focus on protecting children, continuing the push to test rape kits, and supporting efforts to combat the opioid crisis.  He said, "if we could tackle those three...

A human trafficking ring has been busted up in Pennsylvania

01.18.17 | Bob Price

Local, state and federal authorities were in on the sting operation at a hotel in Stroudsburg. 19 people were taken into custody. Detective Kim Lippincott with Pennsylvania State Police said, "These women are being forced into doing what...

Depew, NY residents reject a referendum to dissolve the village

01.18.17 | Bob Price

The vote wasn't even close.Juliano Pecora led the preservation of Depew effort. He says, "Everybody's hard work paid off."Critics contend the tax rate in Depew was out of control and disillusionment was the only way to bring costs down.

Governor Cuomo wants to make it illegal to text while you're sitting at a red light

01.17.17 |

Some law enforcement officials say the move would help decrease fender benders near stop signs and traffic lights. But many motorists say the texting crackdown is unjustified.Governor Cuomo is also pushing to ban drivers under 18 from using any...

If you're looking to get your Masters degree in business online-- look no further than PA

01.17.17 | Bob Price

Temple University's School of Business tops the "U.S. News and World Report" list of the best online MBA programs. Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh was second while Penn State came in 8th on the list this year. The rankings were...