Empire State will bump the tobacco and e-cigarrette age

07.17.19 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Starting in mid-November the minimum age to buy e-cigs or other tobacco products in New York will be 21 instead of 18. Governor Cuomo signed the measure into law on Tuesday.  He says his aim is to "prevent an entire generation of New...

Fed funds funneled to upstate NY to expand internet

07.16.19 | Bob Price

Nearly $40 million dollars will help bring high-speed internet to more than 15-thousand homes and businesses in upstate New York. The money is part of the FCC's "Connect American Fund."

Gov. Wolf signs into law 6 bills that expand rights of victims in criminal trial

07.16.19 | Brandon Dickson

It's considered to be a big win for Pennsylvania Democrats and the Wolf Administration. One of the measures allows victims to attend any criminal proceeding unless the court determines their testimony would be altered by hearing other...

The first-ever female NY education commissioner is calling it a career

07.16.19 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Commissioner Mary Ellen Elia tells the Board of Regents she'll vacate the top education job in New York to fill a role with a national education group. She plans to serve through August, and is not giving additional details. 70-Year-old Elia...

Court rules lawmakers did not violate PA constitution with failure to pass budget

07.16.19 | Terry Diener

The ruling from the Commonwealth Court comes after a trio of individuals filed a suit in 2017 claiming the Wolf administration used a line of credit from the state treasury to balance a budget deficit.  However, the court ruled that...

Attorney files suit against NY state on religious freedom exemption for vaccinations

07.12.19 | Sarah Harnisch

Michael Sussman was the man behind the winning court battle over religious freedom and vaccinations in Rockland County.  Now the new case is over the whole of the Empire State. Paperwork was filed this week to protect the religious freedom...

Pennsylvania gettin' tough on crimes committed with guns

07.12.19 | Bill Price

On Thursday, state Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced the Track and Trace Program. It calls for police departments all across the commonwealth to enter serial numbers from every gun sold into a police database, so the guns original seller...

Buffalo police are speaking out after mass protest over ICE immigration raids

07.12.19 | Sarah Harnisch, Bill Price

Police say, "the protest was peaceful, but it was illegal." After parts of downtown Buffalo were shut down to traffic yesterday because of the demonstrations, officers say motorists in the Queen City can expect to see the same thing today. It's...

Well-known grocery chains in NY and PA is warning of a Facebook voucher scam

07.12.19 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Officials for the Rochester-based Wegmans says the webpage includes the chain logo and wrongfully claims the company is giving away free $80 vouchers for store locations. Wegmans is urging folks not to click on or share the bogus posts. The...

Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul says she will not try to win back her old seat in congress

07.10.19 | Brandon Dickson

Hochul says she won't run for conservative Congressman Chris Collins' spot in the House. She served part of one term in the 27th district before losing to Collins in 2012. This, as a group of western New York Republicans is courting Medal of...

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