Pa. not among 20 states enjoying a wage increase to start 2021

01.04.21 | Terry Diener

Pennsylvania's minimum wage remains at $7.25 an hour. That’s the federal minimum wage, which hasn’t changed since 2009. Restaurants, boutiques, candy stores, theater companies, movie theater owners all say they have to pay more...

Gov. Cuomo delays vaccine shot 'til it's widely available

01.04.21 | Bill Price

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says "race or income will not determine who lives and who dies." New York's executive insists he'll get the shot after it becomes available to black, Hispanic, and poor communities across the state. The governor says between...

Doors are open again to eating guests in Pennsylvania

01.04.21 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Many restaurants continued to offer take out during the recent shutdown on indoor dining put in place by Governor Tom Wolf. Karen Klingman, manager at Jay's Tiffany's Northside in Sunbury, tells Family Life the shutdowns have been hard on small...

CDC says Pennsylvania's total deaths are 8% higher than an avg. year

12.30.20 | Brandon Dickson

Epidemiologist Justin Lessler expects the number to range from 10-20% in excess deaths. He says there is a delay in the reporting of deaths. Health department officials say there have been over 15,000 deaths in Pennsylvania related to COVID-19...

The jobless in NY will begin receiving extended fed. unemployment benefits

12.30.20 | Brandon Dickson

Starting the week of January 3rd, those jobless in the Empire State will receive an additional $300 payment.  

PA's Redevelop. Assist. Capital Program is making some wishes come true

12.30.20 | Terry Diener

The program has awarded $455 million in grant money to development projects all around the state. Two Schuylkill County projects have received state grants from the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program.   Officials said $1.5...

New Yorkers can begin using sick leave benefits starting Friday

12.30.20 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

The new law secures paid sick leave for workers at medium and large businesses and paid or unpaid leave for those at small businesses, depending on the employer's net income. New Yorkers can use guaranteed sick leave to recover from an illness...

You know there's significant snow when Buffalo breaks the daily record

12.28.20 | Brandon Dickson

The national weather service says 18.4 inches over the weekend shattered the record set in 1956. Leaders in the city continue to update residents on clean up efforts Mayor Byron Brown says the main and secondary roads are cleared. Buffalo is...

Pa. health officials have rolled out free COVID testing in Schuylkill County

12.28.20 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Schuylkill County Emergency Manager John Matz says there have been more than a thousand new cases in the last week. Nurse Craig Chance is the team lead for the site at the Schuylkill Intermediate Unit near Pottsville. The site is open through...

NY lawmakers are set to expand the eviction ban

12.28.20 | Brandon Dickson

The New York State Senate is set to vote on what's being called the "strongest eviction moratorium in the nation." It would make sure New Yorkers can't be removed from their homes for at least the next few months. The bill's sponsor, Senator...

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