Fatal domestic violence cases are down in PA, but not down enough

03.27.17 | Terry Diener

102 People lost their lives in domestic violence incidents last year.  The number is slightly down from 2015 when there was 114 people killed.    According to the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence in 2016, there...

Pennsylvania's unemployment rate is at a seven-year low

03.27.17 | Bob Price

The 5% clip is slightly above the national average. Over the past year, employers in Pennsylvania have added 74,000 workers to their payrolls.

Students across NY will take common core alligned state tests this week

03.27.17 | Bob Price

The exams are given each spring to 3rd thru 8th grade students. This week, schools will be gauging competency in English/Language Arts. The math exams will be held in May.   Last year, a quarter million students opted out of the tests.

Jury deliberations continue today in the trial of a former Penn State University president

03.24.17 | Bob Price

Graham Spanier is accused of child endangerment and conspiracy in connection to the Jerry Sandusy scandal. Spanier's attorneys declined to call any witnesses in his defense.

'Raise the Age' legislation in NY is being slammed by police and prosecutors

03.24.17 | Bob Price

State lawmakers say juvenile offenders don't belong in prison; they belong in treatment facilities. Both law enforcement officials say the reforms are ill-conceived.New York and North Carolina are the only states where 16 and 17-year-olds can be...

Police arrested two people last night at an immigration rights rally in Irondequoit, NY

03.24.17 | Bob Price

The protestors were there to show support to a Guatemalan woman and her son who they say were unjustly detained by border patrol agents.The undocumented woman and her five children were involved in a traffic stop in Geneseo and wound up at the...

A pro-life group in PA wants your help in putting a human face on the abortion debate

03.24.17 | Bob Price

It's asking parents of children born premature to send pictures of them holding pictures of themselves as babies, before the 24-week abortion ban in Pennsylvania.Micheal Geer, president of the Pennsylvania Family Institute, says "pictures of...

Prosecution rests in trial of former PSU president Spanier

03.23.17 | Bob Price

It has been nearly six years since the arrest of child sex offender Jerry Sandusky. One of the men accused of not doing enough to stop him is former Penn State University President Graham Spanier. Other former Penn State administrators testified...

There’s ‘snow’ end to school?

03.23.17 | Bob Price

With all the snow days so far this year, some school districts are looking at ways to fit in the required 180 days and graduate seniors on time. There was still plenty of snow on the tennis courts at the Wallenpaupack Area schools Wednesday, and...

A ten commandments monument has been moved from a PA high school as part of a settlement with an atheist

03.23.17 | Terry Diener

The Valley News Dispatch reports that the monument was apparently removed from Valley Junior-Senior High School in New Kensington. The monument is to be placed in front of a Catholic grade school there. The New Kensington-Arnold School District...