A Rochester-area man is fighting for his life today after being shot by a hunter

02.21.17 | Bob Price

A father and son who were hunting coyotes Monday night mistakenly shot the man in the woods of Sweden, NY. Coyotes are in season from October to March in New York. Police say 42-year-old Brett Blackburn is charged with second degree...

The PA Senate is debating a bill to reform how state legislative and congressional boundary lines are drawn

02.21.17 | Terry Diener

Senate Bill 22 would establish an independent 11-member commission; four from each of the two major political parties and three not affiliated with either party.  Commission members would not be allowed to hold a political or party office...

An effort to ban late-term abortions has been launched in the Pennsylvania House

02.21.17 | Bob Price

Representative Kathy Rapp says House Bill 77 makes it a third-degree felony for physicians to perform abortions at 20 weeks gestation. Current law bans abortions after 24 weeks in Pennsylvania.Less than two weeks ago, the Pennsylvania Senate...

A Pittsford, NY man is biking 4,000 miles across the country to raise awareness about Parkinson's disease

02.21.17 | Bob Price

Matt Barbaccia lost his grandfather to Parkinson's and hopes his cross-country trip will help one day lead to a cure. The 23 year-old begins his "Ride4Parkinson's" trek in Jacksonville, Florida next week. He plans to finish his journey in mid...

Pennsylvania lawmakers may force drug addicts into treatment programs

02.21.17 | Bob Price

The measure has bipartisan support in the house and senate and would allow involuntary commitment of a drug user after an overdose. The proposal is fueled by the growing opioid epidemic that is rippling across the northeast. The ACLU says it...

Closing arguments are set for tomorrow in the murder-for-hire trial of a former Elmira Jackals hockey player

02.20.17 | Bob Price

In Bath, New York, the defense rested its case last week after calling just 10 witnesses. Thomas Clayton is charged with paying an Elmira man to kill his wife Kelley in their Corning-area home. The trial has lasted nearly two months. After...

PA prison officials have already begun the process of closing a massive state prison complex near Pittsburgh

02.20.17 | Bob Price

Some inmates have already been sent to other detention facilities. Prison staff have until Friday to say where they'd like to be transferred. The state is still trying to figure out what it plans to do with that 24-acre site on the Ohio River...

The Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester is undergoing a $60 million rennovation

02.20.17 | Bob Price

The nearly century-old zoo is in serious need of an overhaul. The most immediate need is to update the giraffe, rhino and zebra exhibits. The zoo will also be adding a new restaurant, bigger education space and a new gift shop. Phase one of...

PA Representative Marty Causer is sponsoring legislation to beef-up depleted first responders

02.20.17 | Bob Price

He says ambulance services are in a state of crisis due to "a lack of personnel and a lack of financial resources." Causer's bill would increase the fine on speeding tickets to pay for efforts to upgrade equipment and training for ambulance staff.

Pressure by Pennsylvania democrats could yield a minimum wage increase this year

02.20.17 | Terry Diener

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf is proposing hiking the hourly minimum from $7.25 to $12. That would be the nation’s highest. He is tying the proposal to his budget plan as a way to provide more tax revenue. Some Republicans say a minimum wage...