The New York Assembly has approved the nation's most ambitious climate change bill

06.03.16 | Sarah Harnisch

The legislation requires the state to reduce greenhouse gases to zero by 2050. To pull that off, the bill gives the state until 2030 to get at least 50% of its electricity from clean energy. So far, the bill has not been introduced in the state...

The Pottsgrove School District bans prayer during graduation

06.02.16 | Bob Price

The Pennsylvania public high school is ending its long tradition of offering a prayer during its graduation ceremony on June 15th. Its because there was a complaint after a student last year invoked the name of Jesus during the...

New York prison guards say they are "fighting for there lives" to take care of inmates every day at the states' 54 correctional institutions

06.02.16 | Bob Price

Joe Miano, a prison guard in Attica, says despite a decrease in the overall prison population, the remaining inmates tend to be more violent.   Over the past five years, inmate assaults on prison guards in New York have jumped nearly 60%.

Something is killing the fish at a state park in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania

06.02.16 | Bob Price

One visitor insist, "There were dead fish all over the place." Wildlife officials say it does not appear to be pollution, and they don't think the public is at any risk.  Still, the smell is overwhelming according to one Kingston...

Immigrant farm-workers were joined by New York state Catholic leaders in Albany Wednesday demanding the right to unionize

06.02.16 | Bob Price

Local dairy operations tell Family Life News if New York lawmakers allow it, many of them will go out of business. Approximately 60,000 farm-hands toil on 35,000 dairy farms across the Empire State.

The head of the New York state University System is leaving her post next year

06.01.16 | Bob Price

SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher will exit her half-a-million dollar post in June of 2017. Zimpher has served as head of the 64-campus SUNY system for seven years. The 69 year-old says she wants to give a one year notice so the board of trustees...

A new Siena College poll shows 96% of New Yorkers think ethics reform should be the top priority of the current state legislative term

06.01.16 | Bob Price

Voters say it's an outrage that former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and former Senate Leader Dean Skelos get to collect a pension, despite being sentenced to prison. 58% of voters support making the state legislature a full-time job and just...

A new study takes aim at the minimum wage in Pennsylvania

06.01.16 | Bob Price

It says the average low-income worker in the Keystone State would need to work more than 100 hours a week just to afford a modest two-bedroom apartment. The minimum wage is currently $7.25 an hour in Pennsylvania.   Experts say the average...

A Facebook feud is what led to the death of an 18 year-old mother in Scranton, Pennsylvania

06.01.16 | Bob Price

Police say the violence was fueled by a Facebook fight over a guy. The 18-year-old is dead and a 16-year-old high school sophomore is being charged with homicide.

Wellsboro, Pennsylvania has made it to the top ten in a new contest promoting America's most influential main streets

05.31.16 | Bob Price

The Tioga county community could win $25,000. The goal of the Inaugural Independent We Stand "America's Main Streets" contest is to promote the importance and strong economic benefits of main streets and small businesses. The top ten were voted...

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