Student sues Pennsylvania school over transgender policy

03.22.17 | Bob Price

A Pennsylvania high school student on Tuesday sued his school district, saying its transgender-friendly policy constitutes sexual harassment and a violation of privacy. The action, filed Tuesday with the Eastern District of Pennsylvania federal...

AG: NY Saw Record Data Breaches in 2016

03.22.17 | Bob Price

New York saw a record number of data breaches in 2016, according to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Schneiderman says his office received close to 1,300 reports of breaches, a 60% increase over 2015. He says the breaches exposed personal...

Melvin the Ram Found After Barn Collapses Under Heavy Snow

03.21.17 | Bob Price

Heavy snow piled on a barn roof in Union County caused the two-story structure to collapse over the weekend. Now a family is dealing with the loss of several barn animals and the burden of having to rebuild. Just a few weeks old, two lambs and...

Former aides set to testify against Penn State ex-president

03.21.17 | Bob Price

Prosecutors preparing to lay out their case against Penn State's former president say two of his ex-top lieutenants are among those who could take the stand. Opening statements are scheduled to get underway Tuesday in the long-delayed criminal...

Number of NY millionaires rose 63 percent since 2009

03.21.17 | Bob Price

The number of millionaires in New York soared following the national recession, up 63 percent since 2009 and up 15 percent between 2013 and 2014, state data shows. The rise in millionaires — who live mainly in New York City and its...

Don't vote? Pay a fine (if this bill passes)

03.21.17 | Bob Price

Declining to exercise your right to vote would cost you money if a long-shot bill at the state Capitol is approved. Eligible voters who don't cast a ballot would be hit with a $10 fine under the bill, which was sponsored earlier this month by...

A NY teen has pled guilty to setting a fire last summer that killed his friend

03.17.17 | Bob Price

The fire claimed the life of his friend, 14 year-old Joseph Phillips. The admitted arsonist will spend as little as 18 months in a juvenile detention facility, or get no jail time at all. The fire at a tire recycling plant in Lockport caused...

A pro-life non profit is suing PA's auditor general over a financial audit

03.17.17 | Bob Price

Harrisburg-based Real Alternatives has asked the courts to prevent Eugene DePasquale from examining the money that it received from nearly 30 donors. DePasquale wants an investigation into how the money is being spent.

The last pending criminal trial from the child abuse scandal at Penn State is about to 'gavel in' Monday

03.17.17 | Terry Diener

Graham Spanier, the Penn State president from 1995 through 2011, will defend himself against  charges that his inaction on a February 2001 report about former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky led to the abuses of at least three other...

Binghamton scrambles to find places to put the snow

03.17.17 | Bob Price

The region is recovering from a three-foot snow storm.  Mountains of snow, 20 feet high, are piling up in parking lots. Broome County officials says the snow mounds are hampering visibility for motorists.    National Guard...

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