Following the deadly shooting of a 12 year-old boy in Elmira, NY, law enforcement officials are out today with some safety tips for responsible gun ownership

08.02.16 | Bob Price

Retired New York State Trooper Tom Huffman says firearms need to be secured in a gun safe or with a gun safety lock at all times.         A candlelight vigil was held last night in Elmira for Jeremiah...

New York is on a path to generate half its power from renewable sources by the year 2030

08.02.16 | Bob Price

The ambitious plan relies heavily on big subsidies for nuclear power plants to help reduce the state's reliance on fossil fuels. The policy adopted by state utility regulators gives New York the green light to adopt one of the strongest clean...

Trump in Central Pennsylvania

08.01.16 | Bob Price

Donald Trump is making a campaign stop in the Midstate, according to his website. The presidential nominee will host a rally at Cumberland Valley High School on Monday. The event is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. Doors will open at 4 p.m.

Kane to decide at trial whether to testify in own defense

08.01.16 | Bob Price

Pennsylvania’s top prosecutor says she’ll decide at her own criminal trial next month whether to testify in her own defense. Attorney General Kathleen Kane said Friday she’ll want to see the case being made against her by...

Caretakers of disabled say they are being punished

08.01.16 | Bob Price

Some caretakers for disabled New Yorkers say they’ve been harassed and punished for making complaints about potentially hazardous situations at state facilities. At least two are pursuing federal lawsuits alleging their complaints prompted...

Amid Drought, Village of Alden Enters Agreement With Water Authority

08.01.16 | Bob Price

As the drought persists this summer, the Village of Alden has officially entered an agreement with the Erie County Water Authority to use 50,000 gallons of the authority's water per day, intended as a supplemental supply until conditions...

State Trooper Saves Carbon County Woman’s Life

07.29.16 | Bob Price

A state trooper is being called a hero tonight after a brave rescue in Carbon County. A house fire in Penn Forest Township left one woman trapped inside burned and breathing in too much smoke. That trooper went in again and again to find her...

Despite rains severe drought continues

07.29.16 | Bob Price

Severe drought conditions remain across Western New York, despite the healthy rains received on Monday. The latest U.S. Drought Monitor report was released Thursday and it shows that the areas under severe drought conditions actually expanded a...

Judge nixes pornographic email scandal as Kane trial defense

07.29.16 | Bob Price

The judge in Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s criminal case won’t allow jurors to hear as a trial defense that she was prosecuted to stop her from revealing a pornographic email scandal her office unearthed. Montgomery...

NY approves $39 million in 'Smart School' funding

07.29.16 |

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says 30 schools investment plans totaling $39 million have been approved under the $2 billion Smart Schools Bond Act approved by voters in 2014. The money will go to several new projects that include $9.3 million for buying...

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