A PA Supreme Court decision last week could add a $100 million challenge to budget negotiations

06.26.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

The ruling struck down sections of a 2009 law that gave the Legislature the authority to spend oil and gas royalties on state forests for general budget items not related to conservation. In place of the unconstitutional sections, the court...

A bill on Gov. Cuomo's desk requires children under two be in rear facing car seats starting in November of 2019

06.23.17 | Sarah Harnisch

AAA says on average, a one-year-old is injured every day in New York in car crashes.Elizabeth Carey with AAA notes that a rear facing car seat is needed by new moms to leave the hospital after birth.  Current law requires children be in a...

PA state police are warning about a rash of 'abduction' style scams happening throughout Tioga County

06.23.17 | Bob Price

Cops have received multiple reports of people getting phone calls from an unknown scammer who claims to have abducted a loved one.  The scammer threatens the loved one with harm unless money is wired. Police say a child can be heard in the...

A jury rules 'guilty' in the murder trial of a Hornell man

06.23.17 | Bob Price

It took a Steuben County, NY jury nearly four hours to convict a Hornell man for the death of his girlfriend's infant son.  Dakota Miller killed 17 month-old Ian Maniske-Huff on Thanksgiving day, two years ago.   District Attorney...

Gov. Tom Wolf says the health care bill written by Republicans in the U.S. Senate is even more cruel than the House plan

06.23.17 | Sarah Harnisch

He says it carries deeper cuts to Medicaid. Wolf says 700,000 low-income working adults now have health insurance in Pennsylvania because of Obamacare.

NY state lamakers have adjourned for the year

06.22.17 | Bob Price

As lawmakers wrapped up work in Albany last night, the big issue left unresolved is mayoral control of New York City schools. That could result in higher taxes upstate. Before leaving town, the state Senate confirmed Governor Cuomo's pick for...

PA politicians have given first responders permission to break into your locked vehicle to rescue a pet

06.22.17 | Sarah Harnisch

House Bill 1216 protects fire-fighters, EMT's, and police officers from liability for any damage done to your vehicle. Police say the best thing you can do, if you see a pet in a hot car is to call 9-1-1.

PA's governor will block a ban on plastic grocery bags

06.22.17 | Sarah Harnisch

Gov. Wolf says he will veto a bill that would have barred municipalities from imposing fees, taxes or outright bans on the use of plastic shopping bags. The governor says this is a decision best left to local communities, adding that citizens...

Closing arguments are underway in Bath, NY at the murder trial of Dakota Miller

06.22.17 | Sarah Harnisch

The 23 year-old Hornell man is accused of killing his girlfriend's infant son on Thanksgiving Day of 2015. Steuben County DA Brooks Baker say the boy was healthy when he went into Miller's custody.Miller took the stand in his own defense...

New York could require Spectrum Cable to fork over $13 million to help speed-up it's internet service

06.21.17 | Bob Price

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says Spectrum, formally known as Time Warner, is guilty of false advertising its internet speed. It's the largest cable company in New York with more than two million customers.

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