A bookstore in Wellsboro, PA could by yours for just $75 and a well written 250-word essay

07.24.17 | Terry Diener

Kevin and Kasey Coolidge have decided after 10 years it is time to leave the bookstore business, so he can concentrate on writing children's books. They've come up with a novel way to find someone to take over the business: an essay contest. The...

Plans are in the works for a natural gas-fired electric power station in Renovo, PA

07.21.17 | Bob Price

The $800 million dollar plant is being constructed at a former railroad yard in the borough and should open some time in 2018.

The mayor of Allentown, PA has signed a law banning so-called gay conversion therapy for minors

07.21.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

The law prohibits licensed mental health professionals from offering counseling or treatment that seek to change a minor's sexual orientation or gender identity preference. Violators would lose their business licenses. The ban stirs up concern...

Today's the deadline to apply for free college in New York

07.21.17 | Bob Price

Already, 75,000 families have signed up for the savings. This is for SUNY students who come from households making less than $100,000 a year. Already, SUNY has seen a six percent uptick in enrollment for the fall semester after five straight...

PennDOT is planning a major highway construction project in the Northern Tier

07.21.17 | Bob Price

It's going to impact a nine-mile stretch of both the north and sound bound lanes of Intersate-81 in Susquehanna County. Concerned citizens showed up at a special meeting last night in Great Bend to learn how the road repair project will impact...

Two tornadoes blew through the Buffalo area yesterday

07.21.17 | Bob Price

100 mph winds pummeled the Erie County fairgrounds in Hamburg. A second twister touched down in the town of Holland. Hundreds of cars were damaged, roofs destroyed, and power was cut to about 25,000 people. Governor Cuomo took a tour of the...

Companies across NY are vowing to consider hiring people with criminal convictions

07.20.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Governor Cuomo has launched the "Workforce Success Pledge."  The program lets companies showcase practices of hiring qualified former convicts. Cuomo says providing training and jobs to folks with criminal histories could prevent repeat...

The PA Supreme Court has ruled on mandatory reporting laws for convicted child abusers

07.20.17 | Terry Diener

On Wednesday, the high court said a man convicted in Cumberland County of indecent assault of a 12-year-old girl won’t have to register for life. The defendant was convicted in 2007 but wasn’t sentenced until 2014. That’s two...

Cop cars are changing color in Pennsylvania

07.20.17 | Bob Price

The state police are phasing-in a new fleet of vehicles featuring gray instead of white cop cruisers. State Trooper Mark Keyes says from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia and everywhere in between, police sedans and SUVs are making the switch from...

A hiring boom is about to happen in the city of Buffalo

07.20.17 | Bob Price

Japanese electronics giant, Panasonic, needs 300 to work at a new plant in the Queen City. Panasonic will host a job fair July 26th at the Buffalo Employment and Training Center. The company is looking to fill posts in manufacturing...

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