PA lawmakers have unveiled bills to reform the state's domestic violence statutes

03.29.17 | Bob Price

The measures require defendants facing orders of protection to surrender their firearms. Police would also be required to take a more active role in assisting domestic violence victims. And the courts would have the authority to make it harder...

PA's AG is warning residents of scammers looking to steal their money as they prepare to file their taxes

03.29.17 | Terry Diener

Callers claiming to be IRS agents will request financial information to file returns illegally and steal people’s refunds. Josh Shapiro says Pennsylvanians need to know the IRS will never request your personal or financial information by...

School districts across NY are reporting an uptick in students taking the English exams this week

03.29.17 | Bob Price

Education activist Cal Korn says the Common Core aligned tests "can be very useful in helping us to program better for our students."      Korn thinks the state's decision to untether test results from teacher evaluations...

A crew has unearthed cannonballs at the site of an old Civil War arsenal in PA

03.28.17 | Terry Diener

The construction crew found about 20 cannonballs Monday at the site in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh.The police bomb squad responded to the scene but decided to allow the construction company’s subcontractor who is...

A western NY man has admitted to distributing what some have called 'racist' fliers in the Lewiston area

03.28.17 | Bob Price

Horace Scott Lacy says he distributed the "White Lives Matter" fliers in Lewiston to educate people about crime and illegal immigration.He claims his right to free speech, to disseminate literature has been turned into a national outcry by...

Senate Democrats in PA are still rebuilding their computer system after hackers demanded ransom money

03.28.17 | Terry Diener

The state legislators' offices continue to operate via a combination of cell phones and laptops, some personal and some provided by the caucus. On Monday, Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa said Microsoft technicians would begin going around to...

New York lawmakers have 'til midnight Friday to reach a deal on the $152 billion spending plan

03.28.17 | Bob Price

In the waning days of the budget talks, it appears that ethics reform is falling off the negotiating table.Government watchdog Blair Horner says it seems as though some lawmakers "want to do something that seems like a lot, but doesn't do a...

Nearly 10,000 people were without power yesterday in central Pennsylvania

03.28.17 | Bob Price

For almost 12 hours Monday people in Northumberland and Union counties were without power. The outages impacted schools and businesses in the Lewisburg area. One Milton man said electrical issue was a major inconvenience, especially for folks...

A Rochester couple has been arrested after their three children were found left alone in a shopping mall

03.27.17 | Bob Price

The sheriff says the couple brought their eight-year-old, six-year-old and one-month-old to the mall and left them unsupervised on a bench while they went to work in the mall.

A new pregnancy resource center is open for business in Corning, NY

03.27.17 | Bob Price

The Pregnancy Resource Center of the Valleys will operate a clinic at the Nasser Civic Center. Executive Director Marcia Hall says it's open to offer women facing unplanned pregnancies hope for their situation.The center is open Monday thru...