Will Bob Casey try to block Trump's Supreme Court pick?

02.24.17 | Bob Price

On most of President Trump’s biggest moves, Sen. Bob Casey has been firm and clear in opposing him. But on perhaps Trump’s most significant step yet, Casey is hedging. The Pennsylvania Democrat has been careful in his statements on...

Warm weather brings out the pests

02.24.17 | Bob Price

With the warm weather this week, you may have noticed more bugs outside and maybe even in your home. We got the most complaints Thursday on social media about stink bugs. The exterminator we spoke with says stink bugs are out right now because...

Pro-life forces in PA continue to put pressure on state lawmakers to support bills banning late-term abortions

02.23.17 | Bob Price

Michael Geer with the Pennsylvania Family Institute says the goal is to get an override in the House and Senate, since Gov. Wolf has promised to veto the legislation.The fetal pain awareness bills, Senate Bill 3 and House Bill 77, ban abortions...

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand makes the rounds for seniors in upstate New York today

02.23.17 | Bob Price

She'll be in Syracuse and Elmira to promote a bill to protect seniors from financial scams. The legislation would improve the way senior financial abuse is reported and establish a national hotline for victims to call.

Former Penn State President Graham Spanier has refiled his breach of contract suit against the university

02.23.17 | Bob Price

He alleges multiple violations in their separation agreement from 2011. Spanier was terminated as Penn State's president in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal. Spanier will go on trial next month. He's accused of trying to...

Syracuse knocks off Duke with a three-point shot in the last second

02.23.17 | Bob Price

In the Syracuse Carrier Dome, Guard John Gillon made the three-point at the top of the key.  The crowd went wild as Syracuse sealed the win 78 to 75.With that win, Syracuse is almost assured a spot in the March Madness.   S.U.'s head...

Pennsylvania budget hearings began this week in Harrisburg

02.22.17 | Bob Price

Lawmakers say priority number one is offsetting a more than two billion dollar fiscal hole. Senator John Blake of Lackawanna County says the issue will be a big part of the discussion moving forward.The governor has proposed balancing the budget...

A PA school district has agreed to remove a 'Ten Commandments' statue

02.22.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

The Freedom from Religion Foundation says it received a signed settlement last week from the New Kensington-Arnold School District. The district will shell out $164,000 to cover a fine and legal fees. The challenge to the 6-foot-high monument...

A Kraft cheese plant in Campbell, NY will close in 90 days unless a buyer is found

02.22.17 | Bob Price

As the town's largest employer, more than 300 people work at the cheese plant in Campbell.       Kraft / Heinz says if no buyer is found by May severance packages will go out and the factory will shut down by early...

NY's Tompkins County has just declared itself a sanctuary county

02.22.17 | Bob Price

It has instructed local law enforcement to ignore federal immigration laws unless they come with a warrant. Sheriff Ken Lansing says illegals have nothing to worry about in the Ithaca-area.The action taken by the Tompkins County legislature...