Cuomo calls for most agressive clean energy goal in the U.S.

01.17.19 | Brandon Dickson

The New York governor proposes a plan for 100% renewable energy by 2040. The Democrat says the Empire State can wean itself off of fossil fuels by relying on wind, solar, hydroelectric, and nuclear power.

Gov. Wolf officially kicks off his second term

01.16.19 | Brandon Dickson

During his inauguration speech Tuesday, Wolf called for Pennsylvanians to work together to build a stronger, fairer, and more prosperous future. He cited accomplishments made during his first four-year term through compromise with the...

The NY state legislature has passed a bill protecting transgenders

01.16.19 | Brandon Dickson

The gender expression non-discrimination act means they can't be discriminated against when it comes to things such as employment, education, or housing. The Senate and Assembly also approved legislation banning the practice of so-called "gay...

PA colleges report hazing violations under a new state law

01.16.19 | Terry Diener

Behavior mentioned in the reports includes forced drinking, and humiliating rituals that in one case included dunking students in ice water as a punishment. The reports describe the behavior and any discipline that resulted, including closing...

Cuomo touts hopes to legalize weed and expand abortion in NYS

01.16.19 | Brandon Dickson

Greater gun control laws are also an part of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's agenda as mentioned in his State of the State Speech. During his talk Tuesday, Cuomo also mentioned banning plastic bags and passing the Child Victims Act to remove...

Scranton City Council Sounds off on FBI Investigation at City Hall, Mayor’s Home

01.15.19 | Bob Price

- Scranton City Council is now speaking out about the FBI's raid on City Hall and Mayor Bill Courtright's home last week. Council made those remarks at its meeting Monday evening. “I would fully encourage the mayor, his cabinet, and any...

Top five facts about the New York State of the State

01.15.19 | Bob Price

The 2019 State of the State Address is set to begin at 2 p.m. 18 News addresses five facts about the event: The State of the State is given once a year by the governors of most states. The addresses are usually delivered to both...

Gov. Tom Wolf will be sworn-in for his second term

01.15.19 | Bob Price

Gov. Tom Wolf is set be sworn in to a second term Tuesday afternoon. It will be the Democrats second term in office. Gov. Wolf's first four years in office were term marked by both bitter fights and bipartisan agreements. The...

NYS Legislature passes Early Voting bill

01.15.19 | Bob Price

Early Voting is now law in the state of New York.  One of the first big votes of the year in Albany concerning Early Voting passed in the state senate Monday evening. It was passed by the state assembly later on Monday evening. Now that...

PA governor announces largest reduction of inmates in state prisons

01.14.19 | Terry Diener

This past year, the total Department of Corrections inmate population dropped from 48,438 to 47,370, a decrease of 2.2% over 2017. The inmate population has declined six of the past seven years. A major contributor to the 2018 decline was a...

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