Pennsylvania named #2 state for most dangerous winter driving

11.27.19 | Bill Price

The rankings are based on the average number of winter driving deaths in a Money Geek study. Pennsylvania averages 30 deaths a year. Michigan was #1 with 49. New York state ranked 3rd on the list of dangerous states for winter driving.

Gov. Cuomo travels to Puerto Rico again

11.27.19 | Family Life News Team

Govenor Andrew Cuomo will be traveling to Puerto Rico today where he'll be spending the Thanksgiving Holiday. The governor says his three daughters are accompanying him on the trip. It's part of an effort to boost tourism to the island that was...

NY lawmakers attempt to get Gov. Cuomo to back off his bail reform bill

11.26.19 | Traci Lynn Woolsey, Brandon Dickson

A bi-partisan effort has been launched over the recent prison reform measures. Democrat Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara says a stalker that is allowed to go free poses "a danger" to the person being shadowed. The new law, which takes effect in...

Expect to pay more for a "real" Christmas tree this year

11.26.19 | Bob Price

A national shortage of trees has led to higher prices. Richand Donnel with the National Christmas Tree Association knows of a grower in California who had to bring in trees from Wisconsin. The average cost for a real tree this year is $81. 82%...

Sweeping changes at Syracuse Univ. after racist incidents

11.26.19 | Brandon Dickson

Chancellor Kent Syverud says when students return from Thanksgiving Break, there will be 19 new residential community safety officers spread across multiple residence halls. S.U. plans to hire 90 of the officers by the spring semester and will...

PA's auditor general applauds Harrisburg S.D. for increased transparency

11.26.19 | Brandon Dickson

Auditor General Eugene DePasquale is also pleased with the district's new fiscal responsibility. He says a proposal in Pennsylvania to establish a pilot tuition grant program for Harrisburg students to attend another school would lead to the...

Faith-family battle continues between NY state and Syracuse's New Hope Family Services

11.21.19 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Alliance Defending Freedom's Roger Brooks recently argued in federal court on behalf of New Hope. He says New York has threatened to take the agency's license if it refuses to place newborns with same-sex and unmarried couples. If the Second...

The PA Senate passes bill to outlaw Downs syndrome abortions

11.21.19 | Brandon Dickson

The measure got the thumbs up from both Republican-controlled chambers and now heads to Governor Wolf's desk where it could be vetoed. Supporters say the bill protects a vulnerable population and carries exceptions for rape, incest, and the...

PA measure would require medical facilities to dispose of a fetus after a miscarriage or abortion

11.20.19 | Brandon Dickson

PA measure would require medical facilities to dispose of a fetus after a miscarriage or abortion. State House members are voicing a variety of views on the prospect of burial or cremation for the tiny infants. Representative Clint Owlett says...

FBI now inestigating slew of racial incidents at Syracuse University

11.20.19 | Family Life News Team

Since November 7th, there have been reports of both anti-Asian and anti-African American graffiti being found in buildings. The latest incident involved a white supremacist manifesto that was posted online and shared with students. Governor...

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