Round #2 for NY family with state on medical exemption to vaccines

12.09.19 | Sarah Harnisch

Carl Schwartz from Penn Yann, New York says the religious exemption to vaccines that was pulled in June does not affect his son Thorn, because he had a medical exemption from a doctor. However, the state also tightened restrictions for medical...

The clock is ticking for Pennsylvania State House members and minimum wage

12.09.19 | Brandon Dickson

Governor Wolf has put state representatives on a timeline to pass legislation to raise the minimum wage. The Democrat is giving the Republican-controlled chamber until the end of the month. Otherwise, Wolf's office says he'll let a...

Hundreds of students plan on walking-out of school today in Rochester

12.09.19 | Family Life News Team

The walk-out is to protest massive teacher lay-offs in the Flower City. 152 Positions are on the "chopping-block." The district says it has no other choice as it tries to dig itself out of a $30 million budget hole. The board of education will...

PA House Speaker Mike Turzai is thinking about running for governor again

12.09.19 | Brandon Dickson

He made his plans known at the state Republican Party's annual lunch in Manhattan. Turzai was a candidate for governor for just under three months in 2017 and 2018, but dropped out of the race when the Republican Party backed Scott Wagner.

Pro-lifers in Pennsylvania are "up in arms" over "tele-med" abortions

12.06.19 | Bob Price

Telemedicine abortions are happening at a Planned Parenthood facility in York. Michael Geer with the Pennsylvania Family Institute says, "doctors are consulting with women via video to give them a RU486 chemical abortion. His group may file...

Parents protesting possible mandatory HPV vaccinations in NY

12.06.19 | Brandon Dickson

Across the Empire State Thursday, parents pulled their kids out of school for a blackout event. They were all raising opposition to a proposal in New York that would require elementary school kids to be immunized against HPV. Many parents are...

Surprise in Sunbury as central PA hospital is slated to shut down

12.06.19 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

The shuttering of UPMC Sunbury means over 150 people will lose their jobs. Degensein Library Director Melissa Rowse tells Family Life News says while the news is a blow, she hopes for a Christmas miracle in the form of someone purchasing the...

Today 152 school teachers in Rochester started getting "pink slips"

12.06.19 | Bill Price

Superintendent Terry Dade says the cuts are needed to help fill a $30 million budget gap. Rochester teacher's union president Adam Urbanski calls the move "reckless." The district says it'll work with teachers who voluntarily "step-down" in the...

New clearance requirements are coming to PA's child protective services law

12.05.19 | Terry Diener

All employees having contact with children are required to obtain criminal background checks and the Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance prior to beginning employment. The change eliminates the ability for agencies or organizations to...

Pope Francis accepts resignation of Buffalo Bishop Richard Malone

12.04.19 | Bill Price

It comes amid a priest sex abuse scandal in western New York. The Catholic diocese of western New York is calling Malone's departure "an early retirement." But attorney Michael Taheri says it's "more likely a request by the Pope for Malone to...

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