The world famous Lilac Festival in Rochester, NY got underway today

05.10.19 | Sarah Harnisch

Organizers say one of the things you'll notice right away is all the extra parking! The 121st annual lilac festival runs through Sunday, May 19th. This festival goes back to 1898. Half a million people are expected to attend.

Activists ask people of faith to keep tabs on the Fairness Act in PA

05.10.19 | Bob Price

Michael Geer with the Pennsylvania Family Institute says the Fairness Act would "impact religious liberty and personal privacy." Pennsylvania lawmakers made another push to pass the Fairness Act in Harrisburg this week.  

The late Fred Rogers is being honored later this month in Pennsylvania

05.09.19 | Terry Diener

It's to pay tribute to his "143" campaign. The beloved children’s show host, Fred Rogers, loved the number because it was a sort of code for “I love you” — with one letter in “I,” four in “love,&rdquo...

NY's Senate okays giving U.S. House access to Pres. Trump's state tax records

05.09.19 | Bill Price

The bill which now heads to the state Assembly allows three congressional committees to get access to those returns. It would include filings related to personal income taxes, real estate taxes, and corporate income taxes. The measure covers up...

Demonstrators will be planted in front of a Philly abortion clinic tomorrow

05.09.19 | Sarah Harnisch

It's the same clinic where Pennsylvania Representative Brian Sims filmed his now viral rebuke of a peaceful pro-life activist. Lila Rose, founder of live action--a national pro-life group, says the rally is to protest bullying from the abortion...

Response on NY's aim to legalize prostitution

05.09.19 | Bob Price

Western New York Assemblyman David DiPietro says a bill to legalize prostitution signals just how low state government will go. The Republican represents Erie and Wyoming Counties in Albany. The Democrat majority in the state Assembly and...

Payraises "raising" eyebrows at the Pennsylvania state capitol

05.08.19 | Brandon Dickson

Governor Wolf has just given his top staffers a 28% salary bump. Republican Representative Dan Moul says the pay raises totaled a half-million dollars. The salaries of Wolf's five deputy chiefs of staff went from just under $116,000 to...

More drama involving the Woodstock 50 Festival

05.08.19 | Brandon Dickson

With just two days to find $30 million to keep the concert going, organizer Michael Lang is now claiming a company that used to be involved in the event committed a plethora of wrongdoings, including trying to influence performers to pull out of...

The PA house is moving foward legislation to expand tax credits for private schools

05.08.19 | Bob Price

Michael Geer with the Pennsylvania Family Institute supports the effort. The GOP-controlled house has voted to double funding for the tax credit program.  

Pro-lifers in NY are keeping a watchful eye on assisted suicide legislation

05.08.19 | Brandon Dickson

Advocates in Albany call it "death with dignity," but critics such as Pastor Robert Poolon say it could lead to elder abuse and target people with disabilities. Governor Cuomo supports the effort to allow the terminally-ill to take life-ending...

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