20 NY grocery stores will serve as antibody test sites

04.21.20 | Bob Price

These tests on 3,000 residents will provide a snapshot of the problem and should help New York transition back to normal life. Wegmans stores in Syracuse, Binghamton, Buffalo, and Rochester will be used as testing facilities.

PA's restaurant industry takes a devastating $ hit from the pandemic

04.21.20 | Terry Diener

Sales dropped by 82% between April 1 and 10, with losses projected at more than $1.8 billion by the end of this month. Pennsylvania’s hospitality industry employs more than 700,000 people, and about 96 percent of the state’s...

All registered NY voters will be mailed ballots for the upcoming June election

04.21.20 | Brandon Dickson

Governor Cuomo plans to issue an executive order to automatically send ballots to all registered voters for the June 23 poll. Some have urged state leaders to cancel next month's primary. A decision on that could come as early as tomorrow.

Protests popping up from Buffalo to Harrisburg call for quarantine to end

04.20.20 | Bob Price

Protestors are pushing back against New York's Pause Act. A rally will get underway in the Queen City at noon today. "Gridlock Buffalo" organizer Russ Thompson says "you can only stop the people for so long before they get fed up." Buffalo...

On to the next phase in New York's coronavirus testing

04.20.20 | Bob Price

Today, new antibody exams are being administered. Governor Cuomo says that testing will give a more accurate picture of "what percent of the population has actually had the virus and is now immune" to it. Many New Yorkers may have contracted...

Pandemic fallout could spell big budget cuts for the Empire State

04.20.20 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Planned spending could drastically change for schools, police and even hospitals with masses of money being used to fight COVID-19 in New York state. Governor Cuomo says the state now has about a $15 billion deficit. He and a bipartisan group of...

Millions of dollars in funding are pouring into Pennsylvania food banks

04.20.20 | Terry Diener

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has received $14.9 million from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for The Emergency Food Assistance Program to provide critical support and food to Pennsylvania’s food banks and emergency food...

To pay rent or not in NY and PA?

04.17.20 | Sarah Harnisch

People in New York have been told by the governor they can stop paying their rent and mortgage for 90 days to alleviate the stress. Dave Ramsey's daughter, Rachel Cruz, says that's the worst advice she's heard yet. Buy your food, pay as much of...

Pennsylvania now has a new face-covering rule

04.16.20 | Brandon Dickson

Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine says, "if you have to go out for life-sustaining activities, please wear a mask if you're going to encounter others."  The measure is effective Sunday evening. Governor Wolf says grocery and home...

Starting Fri. masks are mandatory for NY residents in public proximity to others

04.16.20 | Brandon Dickson

Governor Cuomo insists there won't be fines unless plenty of people fail to obey his executive order. Buffalo Police Captain Jeff Rinaldo says he expects to societal enforcement where it will "police itself." Coverings do not need to be...

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