Prom season raises limo safety concerns in New York state

05.06.19 | Brandon Dickson

Planning for prom has some parents in the Empire Sate concerned about limo safety after that deadly crash in Schoharie County last fall. Albany-area Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara has drafted legislation for a database to make it easier for...

Philadelphia's Islamic Center releases footage of children willing to kill

05.06.19 | Bob Price

Disturbing footage shows Muslim children saying they would sacrifice themselves and kill for the "army of Allah." The Muslim American Society posted the video on its Facebook page. It shows young children wearing Palestinian scarves singing and...

Flooding fears for western New York

05.06.19 | Brandon Dickson

The state has deployed more than 800,000 sandbags and hundreds of pumps in eight counties along Lake Ontario in preparation for potential high waters. More rain and wind this week could cause property damage along hundreds of miles of...

New voting push in PA aims to allow more response in primaries

05.06.19 | Brandon Dickson

More than 780,000 unaffiliated voters can't vote in primary elections in Pennsylvania, but there's a new bipartisan push by lawmakers to change that. Jim Lee, President and CEO of Susquehanna Polling and Research, says this could have a big...

Calling on the CDC to declare an emergency

05.06.19 | Brandon Dickson

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer is urging the agency to unlock special funding to stem a potentially deadly drug-resistant fungus that's been spreading at health care facilities. The Democrat says declaring an emergency over the candida auris fungus...

Focus on the Family's major pro-life event happens tomorrow in NYC

05.03.19 | Family Life News Team

The Alive from New York event is set for Saturday afternoon in Times Square. Focus on the Family's Robyn Chambers urges you to pray for people who will be watching, especially post-abortive folks facing grief. The event starts at 3 p.m...

Taking too much of a toll on the Pennsylvania Turnpike

05.03.19 | Terry Diener

Commonwealth commuters using E-Z Pass are complaining of being overcharged. The charges show up as V-tolls on accounts in amounts of $5 and $10 which the turnpike explains on their website can be either because the turnpike is not picking you up...

A U.S. Supreme Court justice will be stopping in the Buffalo this summer

05.03.19 | Brandon Dickson

Ruth Bader Ginsburg will visit the Queen City on August 26th. She will speak at the University at Buffalo School of Law and will be a special guest at an evening program. Ginsburg is a native New Yorker who grew up in Brooklyn.  

"Steeling" the spotlight in the Keystone State

05.03.19 | Brandon Dickson

U.S. steel will invest more than $1 billion on state-of-the-art facilities in western Pennsylvania that it says will improve its steel-making efficiency and reduce emissions at its Mon Valley Works operations. This comes just days after two...

A new twist in the Woodstock 50 saga

05.03.19 | Brandon Dickson

Festival Organizer Michael Lang says he believes the festival's computers have been hacked--possibly by a media outlet. This comes following a hard week for the concert, after an investor backed out of the event Monday and a production company...

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