PA counties press lawmakers to allow ballot processing before Election Day

09.30.20 | Brandon Dickson

As election officials consider the prospect of waiting until polls open to dig into what could be 3 million or more mail-in ballot envelopes, they are seeking help. Allowing as many as 21 days to process mail-in ballots before November 3rd has...

Hazelton becomes first public SD in U.S. to use a fogging disinfectant machine

09.30.20 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Hazelton School District leaders stood in on a demonstration of the "Alta-Pure AP-4" on Tuesday. The " touchless" hospital-grade device will be used to protect students and staff from viruses, including COVID-19.

No fans in the stands anytime soon in Buffalo

09.30.20 | Bill Price

The Buffalo Bills tweeted Tuesday saying spectators wouldn't be allowed in the stadium "for the foreseeable future." Longtime season ticket holders are voicing disappointment. About ten NFL cities have already had some fans in the stands.

Federal regulators release final report on deadly 2018 Schoharie, NY limo crash

09.30.20 | Brandon Dickson

The accident killed 20 people two years ago. The report from the NTSB says New York regulators did not do enough to take the limo off the road. It had corroded brakes and was poorly maintained. Months before the crash, a roadside inspection...

GOP lawmakers in PA ask U.S. Supreme Court to put 'hold" on a recent ruling

09.29.20 | Bob Price

That decision by the state Supreme Court extends the deadline to receive and count mail-in ballots. Pennsylvania congressman Glenn Thompson says the integrity of the election must be upheld. Two million mail-in ballots have already been sent...

Eviction protection has been extended again in New York

09.29.20 | Bill Price

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announcing that the moratorium on COVID-related residential evictions will be extended until January 1, 2021. The moratorium, which was first announced on March 20th then extended again through October 20th...

Positive COVID tests in PA have come down for a 2nd consecutive week

09.29.20 | Terry Diener

The statewide positive test rate dropped to 3.2%, down from 3.7% last week.   In addition, fewer counties showed up in the administration’s list of counties to watch for COVID-19, a weekly update produced by the...

Steuben County, NY calls on Gov. Cuomo to lift his "state of emergency" there

09.29.20 | Bob Price

Legislative Chairman Scott Van Etten says it's time to give power back to the county. He thinks they've accomplished the goals of the "state of emergency" put in place back in March. That includes flattening the curve and preventing hospital ICUs...

Removing the stigma of opiod addiction in PA

09.28.20 | Bill Price

That's the aim of the "Life Unites Us" campaign unveiled today in Pennsylvania. Governor Tom Wolf says the stigma associated with opiod addiction is the number one reason why folks don't seek treatment. Wolf says "65% of all drug overdoses in...

A NY assemblyman calls for independent probe into nursing home deaths caused by COVID-19 in NY

09.28.20 | Bob Price

Assemblyman Phil Palmesano of the Southern Tier says there may be as many as 12,000 deaths linked to coronavirus in New York nursing homes.   Palmesano thinks the governor is hiding important information from the public and seeks answers...