The 181st Erie Co. Fair in NY has been rescheduled to next year

05.28.20 | Brandon Dickson

Fair Manager Jessica Underberg says the fair, originally slated for August 12-23, will not happen this year due to health and safety concerns. Matthew Shelter, "the cheescake guy," says vendors will take a hit, but that's a consequence of the...

The search is over for a UConn senior accused of murdering 2 people

05.28.20 | Brandon Dickson

23-Year-old Peter Manfredonia led cops on a multi-state manhunt. Police found him near a truck stop in Hagerstown, Maryland last night. Connecticut State Trooper Christina Jeltema says no one was injured as police took the man into...

U.S. Rep. Tom Reed says churches have the right to operate even in the COVID-19 era

05.28.20 | Bob Price

Under Governor Cuomo's reopening plan, houses of worship can't "fully function" until late June. Congressman Reed tells Family Life, "I don't know where it says in the Constitution you can go to a liquor store, but I do know where it says in the...

PA lawmakers advance 2 bills aimed to expand broadband access into remote areas

05.28.20 | Terry Diener

Representative Clint Owlett’s measure allows rural electric cooperatives to use existing infrastructure and land easements to expand broadband access. The House Consumer Affairs Committee unanimously approved the bill. A second plan...

New York's single-day death toll has reached a new low

05.27.20 | Brandon Dickson

Governor Cuomo said there were 73 deaths due to COVID-19 on Monday. He adds that hospitalizations and intubations are also down The governor says the state continues to daily monitor the regions that are reopening.

PA politicians are turning their attention to the state budget

05.27.20 | Brandon Dickson

They're proposing two state spending plans this year. The "first" budget covers July 1st through November 30th, while the "second" funds December 1st through June 30th of 2021. State Senator Scott Martin says lawmakers can reexamine the numbers...

WNY church plans to hold Sun. service at half capacity despite restrictions

05.27.20 | Bob Price

Old Time Baptist Church leaders gathered with state politicians in Hamburg yesterday to call on Governor Cuomo to "open up" houses of worship. Republican state Assemblyman David DiPietro says he's seen crowding in grocery stores, yet some New...

Unemployment compensation claims continue to level off in PA

05.27.20 | Terry Diener

Labor and Industry officials report that jobless claims stand at 2.3 million cases since March 15 - slightly higher than the total tally of 2.1 million one week ago. Meanwhile, the Labor Department has launched investigations into possible...

The Wolf Admin. will award more than $9 million to non-profit groups

05.22.20 | Terry Diener

The awards come from the expanded Food Recovery Infrastructure grant program announced in April. Grants will allow food banks, shelters and soup kitchens to cover the costs of equipment purchases necessary to prepare, transport and store food...

Lancaster Co. commissioners have come together to call on Gov. Wolf to reopen

05.22.20 | Brandon Dickson

On Thursday, Commissioner Craig Layman said he wrote a letter to Wolf asking him to partially reopen the county. Layman says the county is ready to make the leap because, as of today, the county has widespread contact tracing and county-wide...