This month is goin' down in the history books as one of the warmest NY Mays

05.31.18 | Bill Price

As we say "so-long" to May today, we're "wipin'-off" the brow.  It's been a scorcher this month. What a difference a month makes--Coming off one of the coldest Aprils ever. May first, folks were skiing at Bristol Mountain in Ontario...

Sports betting in PA moves to the express lane

05.31.18 | Terry Diener

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has passed the first set of temporary regulations to bring the business to life. The actions taken, by themselves, don't mean that someone can place a legal bet in Pennsylvania. But they are a needed first...

Pro-lifers scuttle abortion expansion effort in the NY Senate

05.31.18 | Bob Price

The Women's Reproductive Rights Act would have paved the way for unfettered access to abortion at all stages of pregnancy. Steven Hayford with New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedom says the pro-choice measure is a needless expansion of...

PA's Scott Wagner says he's resigning from his Senate seat

05.31.18 | Brandon Dickson

Senator Scott Wagner says he'll leave Monday, so he can focus his attention on the governor's race. The Republican submitted his resignation letter Wednesday to Senate President Joe Scarnati.

2 NY Senators push for easier prosecution of accused human traffickers

05.30.18 | Brandon Dickson

Senators Pat Gallivan and Chris Jacobs say current legislation forces minors to testify against their perpetrators. Erie County Detective Theresa Nietzel says this bill is crucial to a victim's well-being. The bill has been approved by the...

Flight 93 Memorial's 'Tower of Voices' will set reflective tone

05.30.18 | Terry Diener

The 93-foot-tall tower of voices is the final project for the memorial, which was established a few months after the 9/11 attacks. 33 passengers and seven crew died aboard United Airlines Flight 93 in 2001 after four hijackers took control of...

Harrisburg School District tightens its budget belt: 50 employees could lose jobs

05.30.18 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

The school board blames the cuts on an $8 million shortfall. Members voted 7-2 in favor of the budget which is expected to save the district more than $4 million.

Bribery charges have been dropped in the Buffalo Billion case

05.30.18 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Defense lawyers in the corruption case declaring a vital bribery charge will not be pursued by federal prosecutors against former LPCiminelli executives. A letter received by Louis Ciminelle's attorney states bribery charges against Ciminelli...

A NY congressman is a pushing to keep a Wellsville plant from moving to Charlotte

05.29.18 | Brandon Dickson

Republican Representative Tom Reed says a Dresser-Rand move is about more than just the 250 jobs being pulled from the area. He notes relocating turbine operations can raise national security concerns. That's the basis of the amendment Reed...

Cooperstown's Doubleday Field is getting a makeover

05.29.18 | Brandon Dickson

New York State Senator James Seward announced last week a $1 million grant has been secured to help fund major improvements at the historic field. Among the renovations planned are reconstruction of the third base bleachers, a multi-purpose...