The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is hiring an engineering firm as it builds a beltway in the Scranton area to ease congestion on Interstate-81

04.29.16 | Bob Price

The commission expects to announce a request for proposals this summer and have a firm on board by the end of the year.The plan would link Interstate-81 and the Northeast Extention, I-476.  The proposal calls for highway-speed connections...

The Orchard Park Middle school is closed today due to illness

04.29.16 | Bob Price

A significant number of students and staff have flu-like symptoms at the school in Western New York.Orchard Park Superintendent Matthew McGarrity says janitorial staff will disinfect the building today, including the buses.All activities and...

Pennsylvania's DEP plans to ramp up its efforts to monitor air quality near natural gas compressors in rural areas

04.29.16 | Bob Price

Special sensors that monitor soot will be installed in eight counties. These sensors will gather data about the quantity of pollutants released in the atmosphere. Each of the eight counties being tested is home to fracking sites.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer continues to push for new legislation to help school districts test their drinking water

04.29.16 | Bob Price

Schumer says recent discoveries of elevated  lead levels in more than 60 water samples taken at two schools in the Ithaca area is a clear sign testing is needed.The senator's bill would authorize 20 million dollars in federal grants through...

Chautauqua County votes to raise tobacco age change to 21

04.28.16 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

The county legislature approved a local law Wednesday night to raise the legal limit for tobacco sales from 18 to 21 years old, making it the first upstate New York county to adopt such a policy.  Legislators believe Chautauqua...

Donald Trump has won a vast majority of the unbound delegates in Pennsylvania

04.28.16 | Bill Price

A western New York man is convicted of shooting his fiance's two children with a BB gun

04.28.16 | Bill Price

29 year-old Steven Scroger will spend the next two years behind bars.  He spoke to the judge and asked for forgiveness just before he was sentenced.The kids were four and six years old at the time.

Pennsylvania's Attorney General Kane filed to dismiss the criminal charges against her

04.28.16 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

In the motion filed Wednesday in Montgomery County, Kane's attorneys argued that she was the victim of "selective or vindictive prosecution."Kathleen Kane's legal team argued that grand jury leaks are rarely prosecuted, noting accusations arising...

Buffalo area doctor charged for writing illegal prescriptions

04.26.16 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Physician Euegene Gosy of Clarence is charged with 114 counts related to illegally issuing hundreds of thousands of prescription drugs over a 10-year span.Drug Enforcement Agent John Flickinger said, "He was the No. 1 ranked prescriber in the...

Pennsylvania Game Commission starts spraying for gypsy moths soon

04.26.16 |

More than 32,000 acres of Pennsylvania's state game lands will be covered from April to early May as soon as eggs hatch.The Game Commission’s chief forester, said spring turkey hunters should know the spray is not harmful to humans. He said...