PA lawmakers introduce bill to ban "gay and trans panic" defense

02.28.20 | Brandon Dickson

“Gay and trans panic” serves to excuse criminal actions against the LGBTQ community and receive a lesser sentence or avoid conviction by placing blame on the victim’s identity. That defense, which has been used to previously...

The winter whiteout in New York is winding down

02.28.20 | Bill Price, Traci Lynn Woolsey

Blizzard warnings have now expired for western New York, while folks north of Syracuse remain under a blizzard warning until 4 p.m. today.   Jason Alumbaugh with the National Weather Service in Buffalo says lake effect snow warnings still...

The Wolf Administration is providing free naloxone to airports across PA

02.28.20 | Brandon Dickson

Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine insists patients cannot get addicted to naloxone. Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs Secretary Jennifer Smith says first aid kits need to include the opioid antidote. The airports getting naloxone include...

Gov. Cuomo enlists church leaders to help with census head-counts

02.28.20 | Bob Price

Governor Andrew Cuomo has voiced concerns over losing congressional districts based on population loss. That means a decrease in funding. And while Jason McGuire with New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms encourages people to register for the...

Rochester mayor opposes "sex-ed" expansion to kindergarten kids

02.27.20 | Bill Price

Mayor Lovely Warren says sex-education is the job of mom and dad. The mayor sent a letter to state lawmakers this week after consultation with Rochester Pastor Kevin Pestke, who also serves as the administrator of Northstar Christian...

Serial turnpike toll evaders will be prosecuted on southeast PA

02.27.20 | Bob Price

Mark Compton with the Turnpike Commission says his agency will team up with local prosecutors in going after Bucks and Montgomery County motorists who've accrued over $2,000 in unpaid tolls.  

Family seeks for missing Pennsylvania college student

02.26.20 | Brandon Dickson

The 22-year-old daughter, Jordan Lampus, is a student at Gannon University.  She was expected to leave her apartment in Erie Friday and return to Beaver Falls the next day. But it never happened. Jordan's phone reportedly pinged over the...

Former US attorney general investigates Syracuse University police

02.26.20 | Brandon Dickson

Loretta Lynch has been hired by the school in response to student complaints about police actions during sit-ins stemming from racist incidents. Administrator Amanda Nicholson says she "applauds" the chancellor getting Lynch to help. In a...

Winter wallop heads to W. New York

02.26.20 | Bill Price

Both a winter storm warning and lake effect snow warning kick-in tonight for all of western New York. Several inches of snow are expected to cover the ground by mid-day Thursday. Steve Welch at the National Weather Service" in Buffalo says for...

Pipeline builder drops project to route natural gas from PA into NY

02.26.20 | Terry Diener

The Constitution Pipeline got federal approval in 2014, and officials thought it would be delivering natural gas to New York as soon as the following year. But the website StateImpact PA says regulatory setbacks and opposition from environmental...