Funds for farmers in the Empire State

12.31.18 | Brandon Dickson

Governor Cuomo says a record $35 million has been awarded to 40 farms across the state to protect 13,000 acres of land. It's part of the state's Farmland Protection Implementation Grant Program, which provides local governments, soil and water...

PA's high court: pregnant women who take illegal drugs won't face c. abuse charges

12.31.18 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

The 5-2 decision comes amid the U.S. opioid epidemic, and it includes abuse by pregnant women that can result in early labor, stillbirth and withdrawal symptoms for newborns. The case involves a baby girl who spent 19 days in Williamsport...

Starting today, minimum wage workers in NY will see their paychecks increase

12.31.18 | Brandon Dickson

The minimum wage in upstate will now be $11.10 an hour. Many restaurants and business owners say they're against the increase because it may hinder the number of employees they'll be able to maintain. Stanford University Economics Professor...

NY State Thruway sues wind turbine group over broken machines

12.28.18 | Sarah Harnisch

The NY State Thruway filed a lawsuit against five engineering and consulting firms for breach of contract and professional malpractice. The group had a deal with the thruway to place turbines in Ripley, Dunkirk, Silver Creek and Angola, but the...

Natural gas production in PA is expected to reach a new high by year's end

12.28.18 | Terry Diener

According to a recent report from the state's Independent Fiscal Office, drillers extracted 13% more gas in the first three quarters of 2018 than during the same period the previous year. David Spigelmyer, president of the Marcellus Shale...

Schuylkill Co.teen inspires even after his death

12.28.18 | Brandon Dickson

14-Year-old Josiah Viera had been battling a rare rapid aging disease, but he captured the hearts of many. Josiah's book is sold at Threading Love in Lewisburg, where Manager Jody Gates says it's a bittersweet moment. Viera passed away on...

New York state seeing a sharp spike in the flu

12.28.18 | Brandon Dickson

Cases rose 72% over the past week, according to the governor's office. New cases were reported in 58 out of 62 counties during the week ending December 22nd. Health officials remind you that influenza is easily killed by soap and hot...

PA police can now legally force their way into your vehicle to rescue a dog or cat

12.27.18 | Brandon Dickson

The governor signed the bill into law in October, but the law officially took effect Wednesday for pets believed to be in danger.  Before breaking into a vehicle, officers will first have to try to find the owner. If they do enter the...

Wages are rising in New York state

12.27.18 | Brandon Dickson

Effective December 31st, minimum wage goes up to $15 for larger employers in New York City, and $11.10 for upstate workers. For employees, it's a cause for celebration, but some business owners are more stressed as they try to figure out how to...

Repeated DUI offenders in PA face severe penalties under a new law

12.27.18 | Brandon Dickson

The legislation passed in October, now establishes the state's first felony for DUI. That applies when someone is charged with a third offense with at least twice the legal limit for alcohol, or any fourth-time offender.