Miracle at Niagara as man survives hurtle over the falls

07.10.19 | Brandon Dickson

A man is recovering from non-life-threatening injuries after being swept over the Horseshoe Falls Tuesday.   Cops say they responded to a call of a man in crisis, and when they got to the scene, he climbed the retaining wall, jumped into...

Oswego, NY's mayor calls for IJC to cancel its "Plan 2014"

06.25.19 | Brandon Dickson

This, as the region is seeing some of the worst flooding in recent memory. Mayor Bill Barlow says the International Joint Commission's plan is to blame for recent flooding. The commission blames excessive rain for the flooding. But, Barlow...

Swamped NY communities blame IJC for water woes

05.29.19 | Bob Price

Hamlin, New York resident Doug Jones says, (the IJC) "could have lowered the lake level starting in October." His home, like hundreds of others , is suffering severe flood damage from the rising water. Lake Ontario is expected to pass historic...

Rainy forecast raises flooding concerns around Lake Ontario

05.01.19 | Bob Price, Dee Haley

National Guard troops and sandbags are being dispatched to shoreline communities in Wayne, Monroe and Niagara counties. Emergency Services Director for Niagara County Jonathon Schultz says, "we're seeing the rise on a daily basis." The Army...

Seglia will remain in Equador as he fights extradition to the U.S.

09.04.18 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Robert Fross, Seglia's Buffalo attorney, expects Seglia to return by December. Recently arrested in Ecuador, Seglia has been charged with fraud after claiming a 50% share in Facebook. While awaiting trial in New York federal court linked to his...

Bishop of Allentown Diocese asks for chance to regain trust of parishioners

08.20.18 | Brandon Dickson

A few of the more than 300 accused predator priests in Pennsylvania's grand jury report were once part of the ministry in Allentown. Reverend Alfred Schlert wrote a piece for the area newspaper stating any new allegations against Allentown...

Border agents have stopped the abduction of 2 Canadian children

07.30.18 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

U.S. customs officers turned away a Canadian man trying to cross into Buffalo with two children—one of them visibly upset. Canadian law enforcement has confirmed the kids were picked up yesterday from a sports camp in Toronto without...

Baseball took a back-seat to Harvey yesterday at the Little League World Series

08.28.17 | Bill Price

The Little League Lufkin, TX team lost to Japan in the finals. But the Texas community, just north of Houston, had bigger concerns than baseball. Jennifer Deaton was in Williamsport for yesterday's finale. She says her family back home in...

New York's governor is headed to Israel this weekend

03.02.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Governor Andrew Cuomo will go to Israel to talk about economic-development opportunities and display solidarity amid a rise in antisemitism in New York and the U.S. In two speeches Wednesday, Cuomo pledged unity with Jews in New York and...

Niagara falls is now sporting a $4 million makeover

12.02.16 | Sarah Harnisch

Officials unveiled a new LED lighting system that will illuminate the falls in different colors. The lights are positioned on the Canadian side of the board and shine over to the American side.   They are brighter, but use half the power.