One of new york's largest teachers unions is blasting standardized testing

04.24.19 | Brandon Dickson

Yesterday, the New York State United Teachers held a news conference to discuss problems with state testing. NYSUT believes state tests are flawed and invalid in scoring children. The union says they want to get rid of testing altogether and...

A historical moment in the crackdown of the opioid crisis

04.24.19 | Brandon Dickson

Rochester Drug Cooperative in New York has been charged with conspiring to distribute drugs and defrauding the government. The company's former CEO also faces conspiracy charges. U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman insists R.D.C. only reported 4 of...

3 Upstate NY cities have highest property tax rates in the U.S.

04.23.19 | Jeremy Miller

A recent report found the Binghamton metro area had the highest property tax rates in the nation.The data focused on cities with a population of at least 200,000. The list shows Syracuse and Rochester rounding out the top three.Experts say...

Wegmans plans to eliminate single-use plastic bags by year's end

04.23.19 | Bob Price

That's a full three months before the state ban takes effect. Next March, New York will join California and Hawaii when its ban on plastic grocery bags takes effect. For local residents, the new law is a "mixed bag." Under the law, New York...

Owego, NY woman starts "Red Egg" ministry to show abortion alternative

04.19.19 | Sarah Harnisch

Organizer Nikki Howard is leaving the plastic eggs in stores, restaurants, and public places to show pregnant women considering abortion that there is a way out. Howard says the eggs have tiny plastic babies inside that are the size of an infant...

Preparations are underway to begin removal of Niagara Co. ice boom

04.19.19 | Brandon Dickson

If weather conditions allow and the ice melts as anticipated, crews from the New York Power Authority will begin opening the boom for the season on Monday. Last year the boom opening began on April 10th.

15 NY state schools have not complied with safety planning

04.15.19 | Brandon Dickson

That's the finding of an audit of the New York Board of Education by the state comptroller's office. The Save Act requires the development and review of school safety plans to prevent events like the Parkland school shooting. The Rochester City...

Strong southern storms hit NY and PA

04.15.19 | Brandon Dickson

At least eight are dead and dozens injured as tornadoes and flash flooding ravaged much of the south Sunday. The severe weather has also caused more than 74,000 people to lose power this morning. Meanwhile...some of us will see snow...

A former NY AG says assisted suicide is "bad idea" for the Empire State

04.11.19 | Bob Price

This week, Governor Cuomo called on the state legislature to make it legal. Back in the 1990s, Dennis Vacco successfully argued a case before the U.S. supreme court dealing with doctor-assisted suicide. Vacco says assisted suicide is risky and...

A group of New York GOP senators favor more hearings for the farm labor bill

04.11.19 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Last month, state Senators Jessica Ramos and Jen Metzger announced there would be hearings on the Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act in just three of New York's 62 counties. 11 Republican senators want to give more upstate farmers a...

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