Dr. Birx calls on state and local leaders to "prepare like NY"

03.30.20 | Brandon Dickson

Dr. Deborah Birx, a Houghton College graduate and member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force says leaders should know where equipment is and how to get it moved to meet needs. Meanwhile, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced "the...

147 Nursing homes in 27 states have at least one positive test for the virus

03.30.20 | Brandon Dickson

In Pennsylvania, five percent of them have at least one confirmed case. Health Secretary Doctor Rachel Levine, says we should stay away from assisted care facilities even if we have loved ones in them. Doctor Levine's mom is in a nursing home...

Riding the "Joe-mentum"

03.11.20 | Brandon Dickson

Joe Biden is closing in on the Democratic nomination after another terrific Tuesday. The former vice president is projected as the winner of primaries in Michigan, Missouri, Idaho, and Mississippi. Speaking in Philadelphia, he reached out to...

U.S. House passes $8 billion dollar funding bill to fight coronavirus

03.05.20 | Brandon Dickson

Covid-19 has now claimed 11 lives in the U.S. The measure heads next to the senate, which is expected to take up the legislation by the end of the week and send it to President Trump. Meanwhile, New York now has 11 confirmed cases of...

Half a million "marching for life" today

01.24.20 | Bob Price, Brandon Dickson

They're flocking to the National Mall in our nation's capital today for the 47th annual event. The march's president, Jeanne Mancini, insists having a president attend "in person" is a first. Michael Geer with the Pennsylvania Family Institute...

Former PA Lt. Gov. Mike Stack saunters into stand-up comedy

01.24.20 | Terry Diener

Stack’s profile page is on Backstage, a website for actors and comedians seeking work. There are two videos of Stack at the LA School of Comedy in Los Angeles, working through jokes while a comedy coach and classmates cheer him on and offer...

President names Rep. Tom Reed as chair of re-election campaign in NY

01.16.20 | Brandon Dickson

The Corning Republican was one of the first U.S. representatives to endorse Donald Trump for president in 2016. New york state's presidential primary is April 28th. The last Republican presidential candidate to win New York was Ronald Reagan in...

Gov. Cuomo is set to return to NY today from Puerto Rico

01.15.20 | Brandon Dickson

150 National Guard members, blankets, pillows, and meals have been sent to Puerto Rico, to help folks living in shelters. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been getting a firsthand look at damage from recent earthquakes while the island rebuilds after...

Sen. Toomey urges GOP colleagues to reconsider U.S.-Mexico-Canada deal

12.16.19 | Family Life News Team

The Pennsylvania lawmaker claims the deal strays from commitments to free trade.

President Trump visits Pennsylvania a 4th time

12.11.19 | Brandon Dickson

Mr. Trump was at a rally in Hershey last night and addressed the two articles of impeachment that Democrats announced Tuesday. House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler says Mr. Trump "endangers our democracy and national security." But, the...

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