Pa. state senator plans to introduce bill to repeal "no-excuse" mail-in voting

01.22.21 | Terry Diener, Brandon Dickson

Senator Doug Mastriano tweeted his repeal plans this week. No excuse mail-in voting was signed into law in October 2019 by Governor Wolf. The change allowed Pennsylvanians to request an absentee ballot without an excuse--as previously...

Gov. Wolf: Child care employees in Pa. eligible for $600 pandemic grant

01.21.21 | Terry Diener

The Wolf Administration said the money is coming from a federal government program that helps low-income families afford child care and leftover money initially targeted for licensed child care providers in coronavirus relief aid legislation...

Skyrocketing salaries in the Keystone State

01.20.21 | Terry Diener

The number of state employees making more than $200,000 a year has grown to 111. That's twice the number from a year ago. According to data published by the state, by department, the largest number of employees topping $200,000 was the...

New Pennsylvania law cracks down on human trafficking

01.19.21 | Terry Diener

Under the new law, crimes are elevated to a first-degree felony, fines and prison times are increased and the definition of a child has changed to anyone under 18 instead of 16. Pennsylvania state troopers said they are seeing a large number of...

Security beefs up presence at the Pa. Capitol amid plans for "armed marches"

01.12.21 | Terry Diener

Capitol police, more heavily armed than usual, were observed in and around the building on Monday as the House of Representatives convened for some organizational sessions this week.   The Senate is not due back into session until the...

Pa. not among 20 states enjoying a wage increase to start 2021

01.04.21 | Terry Diener

Pennsylvania's minimum wage remains at $7.25 an hour. That’s the federal minimum wage, which hasn’t changed since 2009. Restaurants, boutiques, candy stores, theater companies, movie theater owners all say they have to pay more...

PA's Redevelop. Assist. Capital Program is making some wishes come true

12.30.20 | Terry Diener

The program has awarded $455 million in grant money to development projects all around the state. Two Schuylkill County projects have received state grants from the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program.   Officials said $1.5...

PA Senate GOP leader calls for special review of November election

12.22.20 | Terry Diener

Pennsylvania Senate Pro Tempore Jake Corman said in a statement that he will introduce a resolution to create the “Special Committee on Election Integrity and Reform” with four Democrat and four Republican members...

Scranton has 32 city employees quarantining due to COVID exposure

12.17.20 | Terry Diener

That includes 20 people in the city fire department, but the mayor's office says the department is still operating normally. Three employees of the Scranton Police Department are also in quarantine.

People still dying on PA roadways despite drop in driving

12.14.20 | Terry Diener

The National Safety Council reports although people now aren’t driving as much as they were before the pandemic, the number of highway deaths has surged since the lockdown was lifted. In June, traffic was down 15.5% year-over-year, but...

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