Feds raid Scranton City Hall

01.11.19 | Bill Price

The FBI also raided the mayor's home yesterday. The nature of the activity wasn't disclosed. City lawmakers in Scranton are calling on Mayor Bill Courtright needs to "come-clean." Lawmakers in the "Electric City" are expected to talk about the...

Charter-Spectrum will pay customers in $174.2 million settlement in NY AG’s speed fraud lawsuit

12.18.18 | Bill Price

$62.5 Million out of the $174 million settlement will go to over 700,000 customers.  It's compensation for fraud. Each subscriber in New York will get between $75 and 150 along with streaming services and premium channels at no...

2 TX law enforcement officers are linked to double homicide in Sodus, NY

11.08.18 | Bill Price

The sheriff's office in Wayne County says 34 year-old Bron Bohlar was arrested Tuesday in Texas where he's an officer in Sunray. Former Sunray Police Chief Timothy Dean was previously charged in the case. He's married to the ex-girlfriend of one...

Democrats now in "total" control of state government in Albany

11.07.18 | Bill Price

New york state is about as "blue" a state as can be. Come January, Democrats will seize control of the state capitol after Republicans suffered major losses in key state senate races. It forces a flip in the partisan leadership of the 63-member...

NY lawmakers will take a closer look at ways to improve "burdensome" voting rules

11.05.18 | Bill Price

The state's Assembly has announced a hearing this month.  Its aim is to make it easier for folks to cast a ballot. New York is one of the worst states in the country in terms of voter turnout, and the experts say the rules in the Empire...

If you don't like taxes, you don't like NY

10.29.18 | Bill Price

The business and personal finance publication Kiplinger has analyzed taxes in every state in the nation, and for New Yorkers who complain about the tax pinch, here's some proof. The Empire State lands third on Kiplinger's list of the "least...

Survivors of child sex abuse have rallied in PA's capital

10.25.18 | Bill Price

They called on Republican senators to "get-behind" a bill that would give victims a two-year window to file lawsuits. The Senate left Harrisburg last week without voting on it. Existing state law gives victims 'til the age of 30 to sue. The...

NY state is stepping-in to stamp-out the wave of violence in Syracuse

10.17.18 | Bill Price

Over the past couple of weeks, two kids have been shot and killed there. Several others have been hurt. Governor Cuomo says state police will be expanding patrols in Syracuse and pumping more money into community programs for at-risk kids. The...

President Trump in Erie last night for a big rally

10.11.18 | Bill Price

Jamestown, New York's Mike Swerdon was there.  He says the Kavanaugh controversy has fired him up to vote on November 6th. The Keystone State could be "key" in the upcoming midterms.

Summer 2018 goes down in record books for upstate NY

10.02.18 | Bill Price

The National Weather Service says five communities had the hottest five-month period (from May to September) ever! Buffalo, Fredonia, Canandaigua, Jamestown, and Warsaw all set records this past summer. Buffalo had a total of six days where the...