Water Saving Measures Helping In Lyndonville

08.05.16 | Bob Price

In the wake of the ongoing drought, four Western New York communities remain under water conservation advisories; Alden, North Collins, Lewiston, and Lyndonville.

Lyndonville, a village in the Orleans County town of Yates, was the first to impose water use restrictions.
Channel 2 news returned there to see if those measures are helping, some three weeks after they took effect.
“It’s really been a good result. The village residents have really stepped up, “said Lyndonville Mayor John Belson.

It wasn’t ever a supply problem, per say, for Lyndonville.

Unlike some communities which draw from wells, they draw from Lake Ontario.

However, their pumping station, rated for a maximum 400,000 gallons per day, pumped 420,000 gallons the day the restrictions were imposed on July 13th.

"Our pumps were running 24 hours a day… so we had to relieve some of the pressure on the plant and the pumps through the conservation methods,” said Belson.

The mayor reports that average daily usage over the past week has fallen to 235 thousand gallons per day, which is a 44-percent reduction since the conservation order went into effect.

“So, we’ve just about cut consumption in half,” he said.

Lyndonville was also able to purchase some water from the Niagara County Water Authority.

In addition, there was one more measure which Belson says really made a difference.

Belson contacted NYS Assemblyman Steven Hawley (R-Batavia) who was able to get him in touch with the New York State Canals Corporation.

The agency agreed to open a gate from the Erie Canal near Middleport, which feeds a tributary into Johnson Creek, which runs through Lyndonville and the surrounding town of Yates.

This increased the flow of water from 5-million, to 21-million gallons per day into the creek, from which farmers can now draw water to irrigate crops, instead of taxing the public water system

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what the residents have done to help each other out so everybody has some water, and nobody's under a big restriction of any kind," Beslon said.