Tragedy At Letchworth State Park In Western New York On Two Fronts

06.13.16 | Bob Price

A beloved math teacher and volunteer at a hot-air balloon rally was tragically killed over the weekend in a freak accident.

34 Year-old Ryan Almeter was holding down the basket so people could come aboard when a wind gust blew the balloon 100 feet in the air.

Tragically, the math teacher could not hold on and fell 100 feet to his death.

Almeter taught for eight years at Keshequa High School.


Also at Letchworth, a family of seven was swept over a waterfall in the lower part of the park on Saturday.

The body of one of two children who went missing has been recovered.  

The search continues for the other child.

State park police spokesman David Page say the two children and five adults were playing in the Genesee River when the whole group was carried over the falls.

The adults were rescued, but the children were not.