The Fight To Protect Religious Exemptions For Vaccines Hits Steuben Co Ny Today

09.30.19 | Sarah Harnisch

When the stay was shut down for lawyer Michael Sussman's religious freedom case earlier this summer, the strategy switch to get a new case heard before a conservative judge further upstate.

Hundreds of people attended a vigil last night in Bath, outside the steps of the courthouse.

Bath, NY is the seat for Steuben County, and today will be the most legal action the small town has seen in decades.

Thousands of parents who kids have been banned from school grounds are expected to stand outside the court in solidarity. So many parents, in fact, that the city has opened up the Steuben County Fairgrounds because there aren't enough places for them to park.

The state says this is a public safety for unvaccinated kids to return to class.

Judge Wiggins is expected to rule whether or not the kids can go to school while the case plays out in court.

That hearing starts at 10:30 this morning.