Storm Cleanup Continues After Tornado Touches Down

02.28.17 | Bob Price

The cleanup continued Monday after a tornado tore through part of our area this weekend.

Parts of Lackawanna and Luzerne Counties were hit particularly hard after the twister touched down Saturday afternoon.

One place affected in particular is Montage Mountain. The ski resort is closed after losing power. Utility crews were busy at work in the parking lot on Monday. Workers at Montage were clearing out downed trees. The resort will be closed until power is restored.

The ski resort lost power over the weekend after Saturday's violent storm blew through the area, bringing rain, flash flooding, hail, and even a tornado.

“Wide spread across the resort. We have trees down, leaning on power lines, leaning on snow making equipment,” said Jessica Kalinoski, the general manager of Montage. “We have some power lines in the parking lot down, which is why we have no power whatsoever right now.”

Folks living along the tornado's path were still reeling from the destruction it left behind as the twister touched down in Luzerne County and traveled into Lackawanna County.

Chapel Road in Pittston Township is still a mess as trees were left scattered everywhere.

“It's extremely devastating. This is what we're left now to clean up,” said Melissa Fasciana. “Luckily we have a lot of family and a lot of friends that are coming here to help.”

The tornado hit a home in Dunmore, shearing of the shingles on the roof.

“There was a loud sound, a shiver, sounded like a train going through the house like a train wreck. I screamed actually,” said homeowner Kathleen Barbone.

And the storm caused Montage Mountain's second annual Cardboard Box Derby to be postponed from Sunday to this upcoming weekend.

The resort expects to be back in business by then.

“We're going ahead and start making snow Thursday, Friday, and into Saturday,” said Kalinoski. “Cold weather should hold out through Saturday, and we're looking forward to a very strong weekend.”

The Cardboard Box Derby is now scheduled for Sunday morning, March 5 at Montage. The resort says 40 teams are signed up for the race.