One Lawmaker Has A Plan To Cut The 220 Million A Year New York State Legislature Cost In Half

05.25.16 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

The New York Assembly authors nearly twice as many bills as Congress. Yet two-thirds of those bills never come up for a vote. A bill before the Assembly would cut the size of the state legislature to a single body of 75 members re-named the Senate.

Assemblyman Mark Johns (R) says, "We're down here spinning our wheels and passing a bunch of one-house bills that are never going to become law," Johns said. "It might be a better idea to move the state forward and usher in some real reform."

Johns claims his plan can save taxpayers a hundred and forty million dollars a year.  

Under the bill, the state would be divided into one district for every 260 thousand people.

Getting other lawmakers to vote themselves or colleagues out of a job may be the hard part.

The state of Nebraska has been functioning with a one-house legislature since 1937.