Ny Conservatives Are Rallying Around President Trumps Immigration Reforms

01.31.17 | Sarah Harnisch

Republican Congressman Chris Collins says the temporary travel ban makes sense from a national security standpoint.  Collins says the U.S. is right to hit the pause button on immigration from countries that are "hotbeds of terrorism." 

Republican assemblyman Steve McLaughlin said, "I think it's appropriate given what we've gone through in this nation and what we've see throughout the world, that we are properly vetting people."

President Trump's temporary travel ban has suspended the resettlement of dozens of families from the Middle-East and north Africa in NY and PA.

Several from war-torn Syria were due to arrive in Ithaca, NY next month, but that won't happen now.  

Laurie Konwinski runs the refugee resettlement program for Catholic Charities of Tompkins County.

She disagrees with those who say immigrants from terror hot-spots are not vetted enough.             

President Trump's temporary travel ban is also creating uncertainty at hundreds of colleges and universities throughout New York and Pennsylvania.

Tomorrow afternoon, the university of Rochester in western New York will host a forum on campus about how the immigration reforms impact international students and their families.