Cuomo Announces Statewide High Speed Internet Plan

08.04.16 | Bob Price

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday in Columbia County the next steps in his goal to bring high-speed Internet to the entire state by 2018. 

The state will be helping to fund the buildout of services to 34,000 homes in rural areas without high-speed Internet. Also, Charter Communications, the parent company of Time Warner Cable News, will be expanding high-speed Internet services to almost 150,000 currently unserved households in the state over the next four years.

The state considers high speed Internet to be speeds of about 100 megabits per second. One of the first counties to be served is Columbia County, with the majority of residents expected to get high-speed Internet by mid-2017.

"You cannot be competitive without access to broadband, it is Eisenhower's highway road system of the 50s. It's what Governor Smith did with the Erie Canal. It's what we did with the New York State Thruway system. You have to be able to get there," Cuomo said.

Cuomo said New York is the only state in the nation dedicated to this effort.