Cuomo And Molinaro Face To Face In The Empire State

10.24.18 | Brandon Dickson

Governor Cuomo and his Republican Challenger, Marc Molinaro have traded barbs ahead of next month's election.

Their first and only scheduled debate was held Tuesday in Manhattan.

One of the topics tackled included property taxes. Cuomo noted local governments need to control them.  The governor said officials in Molinaro's Dutchess County, "raised property taxes 58%" over seven years.

Molinaro replied, "Were that only true.  In fact, your budgets have increased spending at about 4% each year."

The pair also addressed corruption. Cuomo said he, personally, is not accused of ethics violations.  Molinaro suggested the convictions of Joe Percoco and others left Cuomo with something to answer for.

The heated debate also featured the two going toe-to-toe regarding education, healthcare, and President trump.