A Law Firm Is Backing A Group Of Allentown Teens Whove Been Banned From Forming A Pro Life Club At School

05.19.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Attorneys with the Thomas More Society have sent a letter Parkland High School administrators saying the school's denial to allow the student group is unconstitutional and needs to be reversed.

A school official told the girls, the club was "too political and controversial."

Attorney Jocelyn Floyd claims the school's position violates the first amendment and the Equal Access Act "because it's a judgement of the club based on the content of the message."

For high school senior Liz Castro it's all about educating her peers.

Castro says her mom had an "at risk" pregnancy.  That little brother is now 14.

The school permits other clubs, including the Gay Straight Alliance, the Political Science Club, and the Fashion Club.

The law firm has urged the district to respond by next Wednesday.